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Our website is an online newspaper for Calderdale people with disabilities and their families and friends. We work with local authorities & communities to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Calderdale.

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More About Disability Partnership Calderdale 

Our Aim: Our aim is to improve the quality of life of disabled people in Calderdale by working in partnership with service providers as critical friends to raise awareness of issues of concern. In a fun, vibrant, yet consultative and professional manner, we aim to address issues in our community so that service providers can make improvements to maximise access to mainstream services for people with disabilities, who are our main beneficiaries. Our Aims in Detail

Our Meetings: We hold bi-monthly membership meetings to involve and engage disabled people by working in partnership with service providers mainly in local authority, health and transport services. People with disabilities are given a voice and an opportunity to influence policy and service delivery. As a consequence, the disabled community is listened to and taken seriously thereby feel valued because they able to make a difference. Membership is free – join today

Advice & Information: Our organisation focuses on engaging, involving and informing disabled people about the many changes and developments to services, for example welfare benefit reform; social housing changes; health and social care provision. By bringing disabled people together we can deliver peer support and also address issues of loneliness or isolation that disabled people may have.