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Calderdale Council 

UK Government

  • Recognising that people are worried about the cost of living, the government is offering help for households. See what cost of living support you could be eligible for on their dedicated website:
  • The Help for Households campaign gives clear information about the exceptional payments, energy support and existing support schemes available, so the public know what is available and where they can find help. There is a website to support the campaign and the homepage brings together over 40 support schemes that the public may be able to access depending on eligibility. Additionally, a range of online tools will help citizens quickly and efficiently check the support they might be eligible for and how to access it.

Advice and support from Citizen’s Advice

  • Dealing with Debt and money issues
  • Help with Budgeting Tools from Citizen’s Advice to help you work out a budget.
  • Your employment rights at work Support if you have concerns about your employment contract, working conditions or right to time off work.
  • Citizens Advice share insights from across their service on how the crisis is affecting the people they help. They’ll be updating this dashboard every month tracking how the cost-of-living crisis is changing. View Dashboard (click on arrows to navigate to later pages)

Warm Spaces

A company called Open Innovations, from Leeds, have put together a warm space directory that brings together information from many sources into one easy-to-use place.
Alphabetical: Here is a view that loads an alphabetical list of offers in Calderdale:
Map-Based: And here is a map view of offers from all over the country but centred on Calderdale:

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Benefits, Money & Cost of Living News

  • Energy Saving Trust Newsletter
    Here’s the latest e-newsletter from the Energy Saving Trust. Did you know that from 1 July, energy bills will be around £2,074 a year for a typical household in England, Scotland and Wales? This is around £420 lower than a …more
  • benefits and money news
    Disability Cost of Living Payment Scheduled From June 20
    In their recent Touchbase newsletter, the government have said this about the upcoming Disability Cost of Living Payment: More than six million disabled people in the UK will receive their one-off £150 Disability Cost of Living …more
  • benefits and money news
    Energy Bills Support Scheme – Deadline Coming Up
    If you haven’t automatically received the £400 discount on your energy bills, you’ll need to apply for it. But be quick, don’t miss the deadline! The Energy Bills Support Scheme gave a £400 grant to households to help pay for …more
  • Look After My Bills – Advice On Energy Prices
    Energy are prices predicted to fall. But how much by, when will we know and should you fix? The Look After My Bills newsletter and website have put together a great article looking at this issue – here’s their …more
  • benefits and money news
    Help with paying for your TV Licence
    The Simple Payment Plan was created for those in financial difficulty, to help them pay for their TV licence. Qualifying customers can choose from either a fortnightly or monthly payment plan that spreads the cost of a TV Licence …more
  • benefits and money news
    Saving Money – Cooking Efficiently
    The Energy Saving Trust is a great source of information on reducing cost through more efficient energy consumption. they have now come out with a guide to energy efficient cooking: Energy bills are still high, so it makes …more
  • benefits and money news
    PayPal Scams & How To Avoid Them
    PayPal scams are scams carried out through fake emails or links to a fake PayPal site that asks you to enter personal payment details. Scammers often use social engineering tactics to persuade users to click fake PayPal links and …more
  • benefits and money news
    Disability Rights’ Guides To PIP & Universal Credit
    This is Disability Rights UK’s essential guide to finding your way through the Universal Credit maze, written by their in-house benefits experts. You can download a free PDF of the Universal Credit Guide from their website. …more
  • benefits and money news
    New review to boost employment prospects of autistic people
    A new review designed to boost the employment prospects of autistic people has today been launched by the Government. Sir Robert Buckland KC MP to lead new Autism Employment Review Focus on supporting employers to recruit and …more
  • benefits and money news
    First 2023/24 Cost of Living Payment dates announced
    Millions of UK households will receive £301 directly from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) between 25 April and 17 May. This is the first of three payments totalling up to £900 for those eligible and on means-tested …more
  • benefits and money news
    Final year of life disability benefits fast-tracked  
    Thousands of people in their final year of life to have their disability benefits fast-tracked Watch the explainer video More information about claiming benefits for people nearing end of life New legislation enables vital …more
  • benefits and money news
    Spring Budget – More Support Promised
    Here’s the Government’s post-spring budget announcement about a range of new measures and support processes, some of which are especially relevant to older and disabled people. Here’s the Government’s own …more
  • Post-Budget Finance Advice For Disabled People
    In their detailed cost of living guide, Disability Horizons update everything that was announced in the 15 March Spring Budget that may impact people with disabilities and health conditions. The includes the Energy Price …more
  • benefits and money news
    Help to claim Universal Credit
    This week, it was announced that Citizens Advice will continue to deliver Help to Claim support which provides free and impartial advice to people to make their Universal Credit Claim online. This investment of more than …more
  • benefits and money news
    Pet Food Bank Launched In Halifax
    Here for owners in need. Halifax Fridge community Pet Food Bank is now open in Halifax. If you’re struggling to feed your pet, please pop in and pick up some free pet food. They won’t ask you for a referral or any personal …more
  • benefits and money news
    Energy Saving Trust Newsletter – Tips & Hacks
    One way you can save energy and money on your bills is by investing in energy efficiency. You can do that in lots of different ways, from small changes in each room to bigger projects such as installing renewable technologies. …more
  • benefits and money news
    £400 Energy Bill Help For Those Who Don’t Pay Provider Direct
    900,000 more households across England, Scotland and Wales will benefit from the government’s £400 help with energy bills, via an online application portal. Support households who do not have a direct relationship to a domestic …more
  • benefits and money news
    Look After My Bills Newsletter
    The website is a good source of financial news and advice – here’s their latest newsletter, which includes some important updates – full details of all the stories are on their website: …more
  • benefits and money news
    Utility Warehouse – Making Life Simple
    At our latest Open Meeting, on 28 February 2023, we were joined by Kay, from Utility Warehouse. Whilst Disability Partnership Calderdale doesn’t endorse commercial products and services, we do like to highlight particularly …more
  • benefits and money news
    Ofgem Announces Update To Energy Price Cap
    Energy regulator Ofgem, on Monday 27 February 2023, announced its quarterly update to the energy price cap for the period 1 April – 30 June 2023. From 1 April the energy price cap will be set at an annual level of £3,280 for a …more