Affordable Warmth – Helping To Keep You Warm

The Affordable Warmth team at Calderdale Council are there to help the more vulnerable members of the population of Calderdale, especially those in their own homes and private rented. To qualify for help from the team you must meet certain criteria, including having an combined earnings/benefits income of less than £21,000 per year and less than £16,000 in bank.

What’s available?

· Attic Insulation. Applicable for both private rented (PR) & Owner Occupier (OO) Lofts MUST be cleared before survey & installation; contractors are not covered to move client’s possessions. Insulation should be at least 27cm thick!

· Cavity Wall insulation. Applicable for both (PR) (OO). Not applicable for Solid wall, rubble filled properties or property with wall ties. Insulation with either fibre or polybead is available. A surveyor will ensure that the correct type is matched to the property. Maximum funding £1000. If work exceeds the grant, affordable interest free grants are available.

· Service or repair boiler, including gas fires. (OO) – Using our accredited Plumbers. THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY SERVICE. Grant upto £500.

· Upgrading Boiler/heating System. (OO) – Using our accredited Plumbers. Upto £500 towards new system.

· Fit modern timer/Thermostat control. (OO) – Using our accredited Plumbers. Upto £500 towards new controls.

· Apply for Warmth On Prescription. Applicable for both (PR) & (OO). We offer 50% funding towards replacement/new boiler/central heating systems. Interest free loans are available to fund the balance. This scheme is available for people or family member in the house with long term health conditions. A letter from Health professional is required.

‘Mr / Mrs (insert surname) of (insert address) has long term or chronic health condition(s) that are made significantly worse by living in a cold home. We therefore endorse their application for the council’s warmth on prescription scheme for heating and insulation works which will make their home warmer, healthier and cheaper to heat.’

· Switch your energy provider for a cheaper deal. Before shopping around, have the following details to hand; your last energy bill which has your customer number, your estimated yearly usage/costs. Remember, it is a billing exercise only, all gas & all electricity comes through the same pipes & wires. Put the money in your pocket, not their wallet.

· Fit a smart meter. Real time energy use. Reduces estimated billing. What’s causing those energy spikes?

· Fit draught proofing to wooden windows & doors. Applicable for both (PR) & (OO) Small grants are available to install draughtproofing which is undertaken by our Handyperson service.

· Claim Additional funding. If you or a member of your family have a long term health condition request to be put on the PRIORITY SERVICE REGISTER. You will be asked questions of the nature of the request. These details are to help you. Ask to be put forward for the “Warm Home Discount”. It must be applied for. However, be aware that once the pot of money is used, then there is no legal obligation for the energy company to give it to you. You could be receiving an extra £140 off your next winter bill.

Who to contact – Please check with affordable warmth team for up to date information – – 01422 393200 – 01422 392407

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