Warmth – Time To Prepare For Winter

It may be summer at the moment, but this is actually a great time to prepare for winter.

As winter arrives, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll be switching on your central heating systems, maybe for the first time since the end of last winter?

To ensure you don’t have to make any unnecessary callouts to your home because the central heating isn’t working, please check the following before you make that call.

– The boiler is switched on at the electrical point.

– The time clock is switched on.

– Room thermostat is turned up.

– Thermostatic radiator valves are turned on.

– Gas credit is available.

– Boiler is switched on for heating and hot water.

It’s always a good idea to try your boiler a few weeks before the weather turns cold. Plumbers are usually available before the heating season starts and you’ll have the comfort of knowing the heating is in good repair. Should you need any help please call Calderdale’s affordable warmth team on 01422 392199 and see if you qualify for funding towards a boiler repair, service or replacement.

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