DEX – At Our Next Open Meeting

At our next open meeting on 30th July 2019, we’re really pleased to be having Brian Daltrey, director of DEX (Deaf Ex Mainstreamers) as one of our main speakers.

Brian will continue our recent series of presentations looking at different disabilities, as requested by our members.

Brian will talk about deafness and about DEX and the work they do. DEX is an entirely deaf-led organisation that exists to raise awareness of the daily struggle that deaf children have in mainstream education. DEX uses the English dictionary definition of the word “deaf” to mean “wholly or partially without hearing” to apply to all children who have hearing loss.

Brian has sent us an introduction to himself which helps set the scene:

“I was born moderately deaf, became severely deaf as a young child and now have just tipped into the profoundly deaf group.

My education was in mainstream schools and then at university. I worked as a social worker and manager in both generic and children’s teams within local authority social services departments until retirement 11 years ago.

My voluntary work with the Deaf Ex Mainstreamers Group (DEX) includes 13 years as Chair and now as a Director on the Board. I have been involved with the Leeds Deaf Forum, ran a deaf cafe in Leeds and now will be assisting with developing the deaf ministry in the Leeds Anglican Diocese.”

About DEX – the Deaf Ex Mainstreamers Group

Brian also sent a short introduction to DEX – It is our 25th anniversary this year! Deaf adults who had been to mainstream school set up DEX because the education of deaf children was not satisfactory : their attainment compared to their hearing peers was and is very poor. We have published our research – Deaf Toolkit – which has been acknowledged as a bible of deaf education. Together with other deaf organisations we are campaigning for a BSL Act and have a seat on the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness. We have a Yorkshire youth group – the DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) and run projects when we are successful with funding applications.