Help for those dealing with difficult emotions due to coronavirus

A new free digital mental health treatment programme for adults has been developed. The programme is provided by Silvercloud Health and includes a newly developed ‘Space from Covid 19’ module which has been designed by experts to help people dealing with difficult emotions brought on by coronavirus. The content includes some advice on how to talk to children about coronavirus related anxieties. There are also modules on sleep, stress, and resilience for adults.

The link is  . The code ‘north’ should be entered when prompted. The link is also on the Parents/Carers page of the Calderdale CAMHS website.

The site is secure, anonymous and confidential. No referral is required.

Silvercloud have also developed a separate on-line programme for young people aged 13/14 + with anxiety and worries. The programme involves remote input from a trained CAMHS supporter. It can be accessed via a referral to the First Point of Contact from a parent/carer or professional who knows the child.