Eye-Care – advice if you need to see an optician

Specsavers have put out a little bit of useful information if you are a glasses wearer or have eyesight issues that need addressing now:

I’ve broken my glasses or my low vision device is broken – what can I do?

Don’t panic. The best thing to do is contact your opticians over the phone. Opticians’ practices are classed as key essential services. There will be one open in your locality, even if not your usual one. They are best placed to advise you what do. They may be able to provide you with an emergency temporary solution such as a new pair of specs and post these out to you, but this depends on individual circumstances.

I’ve woken up with a problem with my vision or eye health – what should I do?

Again don’t panic, phone the opticians practice and you will be provided with a triage phone call. From this, they may be able to advise you of the best course of action to take at home or invite you in for an emergency appointment. These appointments are strictly controlled and all precautions have been taken to ensure the health and safety of both patient and staff.