Staying Active At Home

The Activity Alliance are committed to ensuring disabled people can be and stay active. They have compiled a list of useful exercise advice, workouts, videos and activity guides. This helps everyone to move more while at home or when going outside for regular activity. Below is the information they have compiled:

There are many ways to enjoy an active lifestyle. This includes adapting activities so everyone in the household, disabled and non-disabled, can take part together. On this page, you will find lots of exercise advice, workouts, videos and activity guides to support you to be and stay active in and around your home.

Support on being active at home
If you are not as active as you would like to be or you know someone who isn’t, here are some resources and guides to help you on your way.

Activity Alliance: Being Active Guide

Our Being Active Guide is for everyone with a lived experience of disability or health conditions. We wrote the Guide in partnership with Disability Rights UK and it provides the information you need in a quick and easy format. Download the Being Active Guide.

We Are Undeafeatable: Being active with a long-term health condition

We Are Undefeatable is a campaign led by 15 UK charities that supports people with long-term health conditions to be active. Want help with starting to move more? Visit for ideas and resources to help you start your journey to being active.

Change 4 Life: accessible activity guide

Change4Life has a great guide on adapting activities for disabled children and young people. There are lots of ways to keep disabled children active – start off by choosing activities your child is interested in and adapt them. View Change4Life accessible activities here.

Clinical guidance for physiotherapists

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has a bank of resources for physiotherapists on how they can help patients to be active and self-manage existing conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. Access physiotherapy resources here.

Home exercises and gym-free workouts

Getting some exercise doesn’t need to be difficult – you don’t even need to leave the house! We’ve pulled together a range of home-based exercises and workout videos suitable for all ages and abilities.

Parasport home workouts

Parasport have teamed up with qualified fitness instructor, Kris Saunders-Stowe, to bring you two short home workout videos. Ideal for disabled people who may not have taken part in sport or activity for a while. No equipment required, you just need a little bit of space to follow Kris’s instructions.