Summoning Help at Petrol Stations

The website Disabled Motoring UK is currently selling a useful little device, if you ever have trouble summoning help to fll up you car at a petrol station.

The “MyHailo” will help you with getting assistance at the pump.

How does it work?
1. park your car at a pump in Petrol station that has My Hailo
2. Press MyHailo key fob button to alert petrol station staff that you need assistance
3. The beacon on the outside of the petrol station will flash red to confirm your MyHailo alert
4. once your hail is acknowledged by a staff member, the beacon will turn green
5. A staff member will be on the way to help you refuel without the need for you to leave your vehicle.
To find your nearest MyHailo petrol station please visit and enter your postcode.
To purchase the device online, visit the Disabled Motoring UK website