Member Survey – Meetings

As Covid-19 restrictions now allow us to meet indoors, we’d like to know what our members think about resuming Disability Partnership Calderdale’s regular Open Meetings, probably on weekday afternoons (instead of evenings, as in the past).

As an organisation, our priority is to provide what our members want, so we’ve prepared a short survey though which you can let us know your preferences.

How Would you Like To Meet?

We have several options, including resuming our Open Meetings and meeting you all in person (in a large, well-ventilated hall); resuming Open Meetings, but offering the option to join us online through video streaming; or running our meetings entirely online, with interaction from members through Zoom (a video calling system, which works on smart phones and computers).

Your answers will be treated as confidential. We will not collect your name or any other personal details during this survey.