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  • Government Guidance: Staying alert and safe
    The most important thing we can continue to do is to stay alert, control the virus, and, in doing so, save lives. This guidance explains the measures that will help you to stay alert and stay as safe as possible as we continue to …more
  • Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do
    This is national guidance that applies to England only – people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should follow the specific rules in those parts of the UK. If you live in an area that is experiencing a local COVID-19 …more
  • Exemptions: When you do not need to wear a face covering
    In settings where face coverings are required in England, there are some circumstances where people may not be able to wear a face covering. Please be mindful and respectful of such circumstances, noting that some people are less …more
  • Reminder: When and where to wear a face covering
    25/09/2020 In England, you must wear a face covering in the following indoor settings (a list of examples for each is included in the brackets): public transport (aeroplanes, trains, trams and buses) taxis and private hire …more
  • New safeguarding measures to improve the reliability of passenger requests for assistance.
    The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) said the new rules in its Accessible Travel Policy Guidance for Train and Station Operators (published last week) should help prevent failures among more than a million requests a year and drive …more
  • New package to support and enforce self-isolation in lower earners
    From 28 September, people will be required by law to self-isolate if they test positive or are contacted by Test and Trace. To ensure that people on lower incomes are able to self-isolate without worry about their finances, …more
  • Guidance to parents and guardians: when you should book a coronavirus test for your child
    Date: 23 September 2020 – A Government letter to parents and guardians Dear parents and guardians, This is an important letter to share some information on how we can work together to make sure we can continue to give …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Covid-19 Vaccine – Latest On Who Will Get It First
    This is interim advice for the Government from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) on the groups that should be prioritised for vaccination, if and when a vaccine is available. Introduction This update to …more
  • PIP Claimants Owed Up To £13,000
    The DWP is beginning a review of PIP claimants to try to identify those who are owed up to £13,000, because it got the law wrong. However, not everyone who is eligible for additional payments will be contacted and the DWP have …more
  • NHS COVID-19 App Now Available
    NHS COVID-19 app launched nationwide to help control COVID-19 transmission alongside national and local contact tracing Features of the app include contact tracing using Bluetooth, risk alerts based on postcode district, QR …more
  • Free Online Social Anxiety Workshop
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  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Coronavirus Analysis: Two Approaches To “Second Wave”
    Two open letters sent to the UK’s four chief medical officers signal the polarisation of opinion among medical professionals over how the government should tackle the emerging “second wave” of covid-19. One group of doctors and …more
  • Response from Calderdale Council to national restrictions announcement
    In response to the Prime Minister’s statement on COVID-19 to the House of Commons yesterday, Calderdale Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Jane Scullion, said: “Once again, as a nation we’re seeing a worrying increase in COVID-19 …more
  • Get Your Winter Flu-Jab Now!
    People are being advised to get a flu jab to help protect against the “double danger” of flu and coronavirus. Research shows people can catch both diseases at the same time and that the combination of illnesses is …more
  • Childcare exempt from interhousehold mixing restrictions
    Informal childcare and caring arrangements will be allowed to continue across the nation, the Health Secretary announced on 21 September 2020 Informal carers will be able to provide care for children and vulnerable adults in …more
  • Government Announces New National Coronavirus Restrictions
    The Prime Minister has announced a further range of restrictions to everyday life in response to a rapid growth in the number of Coronavirus cases in the last month. Reasons For The New Restrictions A month ago, on average around …more
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) Care Survey
    CQC care survey The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is asking disabled people, those living with a long-term health condition, and their families to share their experiences through the Tell Us About Your Care survey. You can also …more
  • Disability Rights UK E-Newsletter
    This is the latest Disability Rights UK newsletter (21/9/20)-  as always it’s a good read with links back to their website for details on the main stories. We Belong Campaign: Do you want to influence government policy? …more
  • Changes To Severe Disability Premium Transitional Payments
    From 8 October, there will be a change to the administration of Severe Disability Premium Transitional Payments. The extra monthly payment which eligible people receive will be included in their Universal Credit payment. This …more
  • Statistics: Disabled People Account For 59% of COVID-19 Deaths
    The Government has published an analysis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by disability status, in England and Wales during the period 2 March to 14 July 2020. It reveals just how vulnerable to to the virus people with …more
  • Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme
    Recognising that self-isolation is one of the most powerful tools for controlling the transmission of Covid-19, the Government will be introducing a new Test and Trace Support payment of £500 will ensure that those on low incomes …more
  • Local Coronavirus Restrictions: All of Calderdale from 22 September
    These are the Government’s latest Local Restrictions, which will apply to all of Calderdale from 22 September 2020: Shielding If you are clinically extremely vulnerable we are not currently advising that you need to shield, …more
  • Coronavirus: Local Restrictions Return To All Of Calderdale
    The Government has announced that local Coronavirus restrictions will be re-imposed throughout Calderdale, as from Tuesday 22 September. This means that wards in the Halifax constituency which were still subject to local …more
  • Disability Rights UK E-Newsletter
    This is the latest Disability Rights UK newsletter (14/9/20)-  as always it’s a good read with links back to their website for details on the main stories. Panorama report on SEND families ‘on their knees’ The BBC’s Panorama …more
  • Revitalise: Respite care and holidays
    Revitalise is a national charity providing respite care in a holiday setting for disabled people and carers for over 50 years. Revitalise also offers inspirational opportunities for volunteers through one of the largest and most …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Operation Moonshot: BMJ Assesses Ambitious Testing Plans
    The UK government’s plans to carry out up to 10 million covid-19 tests a day by early next year as part of a £100bn expansion of its national testing programme raise many questions. The BMJ’s Gareth Iacobucci examines the …more
  • Report: Calderdale Voluntary & Community Sector Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    This report has been brought together by the VSI Alliance using evidence and insight drawn from across the diverse voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Calderdale. The Voluntary, Community and Enterprise Sector (VCSE) in …more
  • Care For Carers Campaign
    Revitalise are a national charity providing respite holidays for disabled people and carers. Earlier this week they launched their new #CareforCarers campaign. Here’s what they had to say about …more
  • Addiction Support: Calderdale in Recovery
    Calderdale in Recovery is an organisation open to anyone who is interested in all aspects of Recovery from a drink or drug problem.  It is for individuals, friends and families, supporters, people who work in the field and …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Coronavirus: Key Learnings From Leicester “Intervention”
    Occasionally we highlight an article that gives particular insight into the Coronavirus pandemic. In this case it’s the report of Dame Mary Ney’s rapid stocktake of lessons learnt from the Leicester City/Leicestershire …more
  • Free “Healthy Minds” Online Workshop: Social Anxiety
    Healthy Minds have developed a number of workshops, to help you develop skills and resources to support your emotional wellbeing through these difficult times. Their next workshop is ‘Social Anxiety’ which takes place on Tuesday …more
  • Government Consultation: New Home Accessibility (ends 1/12/20)
    In June 2019, the Government announced its intention to consult on accessibility of new homes. This consultation considers how to raise accessibility standards, recognising the importance of suitable homes for older and disabled …more
  • Coronavirus Quick Guide: Staying Alert & Safe
    It is critical that everybody observes the following key behaviours: HANDS – Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds. FACE – Wear a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and …more
  • Video: New “Hands, Face, Space” Campaign
    The new ‘Hands. Face. Space’ public information campaign urges the public to continue to wash their hands, cover their face and make space to control infection rates and avoid a second peak. The spread of coronavirus, …more
  • NHS: Get Better Health With Advice, Ideas & Apps
    Keeping fit and healthy has never been more important. Better Health is a new initiative that has been launched by the NHS to provide resources to assist with weight maintenance, nutrition and exercise. It also has helpful tips …more
  • Government Pavement Parking Consultation (ends 22/11/20)
    The Government is running a pavement parking consultation and want your views, especially if you have a disability. Here’s the information they have put out about the consultation: Although the ‘pavement’ is defined as the …more
  • Don’t Be Caught Out By False Citizens Advice Worker
    Citizens Advice Calderdale have received information that an individual is charging local residents for advice and claiming he previously worked for Citizens Advice. Please be aware that this individual is not connected to …more
  • Coronavirus: Contact Tracing App Coming On 24 Sept
    The Department of Health and Social Care has said that a covid-19 contact tracing app will be available across England and Wales on 24 September. Launch of the app has been delayed while NHSX initially tried to develop a …more
  • Hate Crime – Have You Got a Story To Tell
    Disability Partnership Calderdale have been asked to contribute to Calderdale’s efforts to mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week, 10-17 October 2020. Hate crime is on the increase and takes many forms. Disability is just …more
  • Coronavirus Testing: Only get tested if you have symptoms
    It’s really important to ONLY book a Coronavirus/COVID-19 test if you have at least one of these symptoms: loss/change in sense of smell or taste. a high temperature a new, continuous cough National testing capacity is currently …more
  • Independent Coronavirus Support for vulnerable people in Calderdale
    Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us secure support for people in Calderdale who are at risk due to the Coronavirus. Advancement of Community …more
  • Quick Guide: The New Coronavirus Rules
    From today, Monday 14 September, the number of people allowed to meet socially has been reduced to six, amid a rise in coronavirus cases. In England, the limit of six people from multiple households will apply both indoors and …more
  • Calderdale Council Covid-19 FAQs
    COVID-19 is still in Calderdale. We must all continue to follow the national guidance by washing our hands, keeping at least 2-metres distance from people outside of our household or bubble as much as possible, and continuing to …more
  • Gov’t Advice: If You Have Symptoms & Live With A Vulnerable Person
    This is new guidance for households with grandparents, parents and children living together where someone is at increased risk or has possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and …more
  • Venues required by law to record contact details
    Premises and venues across England must have a system in place to record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff in the latest move to break the chains of transmission of coronavirus, according to a press release …more
  • Your Chance To Feed Back to Equality & Human Rights Commission On Shopping Concerns
    This is an update from the Cross-Government Disability Unit, based in Westminster, with particular focus on shopping and making shops more accessible for disabled people during the pandemic. And how disabled people can feed back …more
  • Hate Crime – Have You Got a Story To Tell
    Disability Partnership Calderdale have been asked to contribute to Calderdale’s efforts to mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week, 10-17 October 2020. Hate crime is on the increase and takes many forms. Disability is just …more
  • Every Mind Matters: New Young People’s Mental Health Campaign
    The new Better Health – Every Mind Matters campaign provides NHS-endorsed tips and advice to help children and young people’s mental wellbeing, and equip parents and carers with the knowledge to support them. The new advice …more
  • Covid-19 Testing: £100 Billion Plan To Test 10 Million Per Day
    A huge step up in capacity in testing for Covid-19 is planned, according to a news item published by the BMJ The UK government has drawn up plans to carry out up to 10 million covid-19 tests a day by early next year as part of a …more
  • New “Coronavirus Suppression” Measures To Start 14 September
    The government has announced new national measures to suppress the virus and keep the number of infections down: From Monday 14 September, you must not meet with people from other households socially in groups of more than 6. …more
  • Tackling inequalities: barriers and benefits to being active
    I am delighted to present to you a joint event from Public Health England Yorkshire and Humber and Activity Alliance on Tackling inequalities across Yorkshire and Humber: barriers and benefits to being active. Which will take …more
  • Coronavirus: New Limit on Social Gatherings For England
    Social gatherings of more than six people will be illegal in England from Monday 14th September – with some exemptions – amid a steep rise in coronavirus cases. The law change will ban larger groups meeting anywhere …more
  • Gov’t Advice: For Schools With SEND and Disabled Pupils
    The Government has published Guidance for the full opening of all special schools and other specialist settings. Although aimed at the schools themselves, this guidance is also helpful for parents preparing to send children to …more
  • Reminder: Covid-19 Restrictions Still In Place in Halifax & Sowerby Bridge
    Although additional restrictions have been removed for much of Calderdale, the following areas of Halifax are still affected – Illingworth and Mixenden Northowram and shelf Ovenden Park Skircoat Sowerby Bridge Town Warley …more
  • Good Advice: NHS guidance for people at high risk from coronavirus
    With Coronavirus cases rising again, in early September, it’s a worrying time for people who are at high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) from the virus. However, our knowledge of how to combat the virus has developed …more
  • Buying social distancing signs, badges and lanyards
    Disability Horizons, the online disability magazine is offering a range of social distancing signs, badges and lanyards. Although these can be made and printed at home (see our face mask hub page for links and ideas), it can be …more
  • Disability Horizons’ Hate Crime Survey
    Whether it’s in a public place or online, and because of race, sexuality or disability, being targeted and experiencing a hate crime can be incredibly traumatic and unsettling. That’s why Disability Horizons, the …more
  • Disability Rights UK E-Newsletter
    This is the latest Disability Rights UK newsletter (7/9/20)-  as always it’s a good read with links back to their website for details on the main stories. News Round-up Kickstart scheme discriminates against disabled young …more
  • Advice Videos: Have you struggled to find a job as a visually impaired person?
    Have you struggled to find employment as a visually impaired person? Or, maybe you have lost a job due to sight loss. The Macular Society teamed up with Support4Sight in Essex to create a series of videos, exploring the …more
  • Macular Society’s September e-newsletter
    This is the Macular Society’s September e-newsletter: We hope you are keeping well as we adjust to a new and different way of life. September is going to be a busy month! We celebrate our new partnership with Vision …more
  • Calderdale Interfaith Women’s Group’s “Post-Covid” Webinar
    Calderdale Interfaith Women’s Group are running a live webinar on Friday 11 September 6-8pm to discuss and talk about: Post covid: How do we continue to care for the community and the environment? With keynote speakers, Yvonne …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Covid-19: The Risks of Singing & Using Wind Instruments in Groups
    Singing, playing of wind instruments, and high-volume speech in presentation and performance settings have been singled out as potentially high-risk activities for transmission of SARS CoV-2, following several well-documented …more
  • COVID-19: Government guidance on shielding and protecting the extremely vulnerable
    This is just a reminder how you can find the government’s most up to date information for shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19. This information is held on the …more
  • How To Record Your “Future Wishes” & Care Plans
    West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership has produced a new resource pack designed for patients, their carers and families, and professionals to help them to have conversations about their future wishes and to …more
  • Video: Need the support of a friend, family member or translator during your GP appointment?
    Need the support of a friend, family member or translator during your GP appointment in Calderdale? Let your surgery know when booking your appointment. For more information click on the following link which includes video and …more
  • NHS to receive 250,000 clear face masks to support people with hearing loss
    250,000 clear face masks are to be delivered to frontline NHS and social care workers to support better care for people who use lip-reading and facial expressions to communicate. NHS and care workers will be given clear face …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    The Science of Coronavirus: Case Counting
    Novel coronavirus cases in England have been rising steadily since the beginning of July. However, this trend may not tell us what we really need to know about the pandemic and the most serious cases—or what to do about them, …more
  • Local Self-Guided Walks
    Don’t let local Coronavirus restrictions stop you getting out and about. With these self-guided walks from CREW Heart Support Group there’s no excuse! All are carefully graded for difficulty and the route descriptions are very …more
  • Council Update: Coronavirus Testing in Calderdale.
    Debs Harkins, Calderdale Council’s Director of Public Health (pictured) has produced an update on Coronavirus testing in Calderdale (Thurs 3 Sept 2020) COVID-19 testing In the last two weeks, we have seen a steady reduction …more
  • Beyond the Pain: Free 8-week online course
    Do you live with chronic pain or have a long-term health condition? Would you like to live a joyful and fulfilling life? Healthy Minds Calderdale are soon to run a step by step course designed to help lighten the load of living …more
  • The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain!
    Whilst we all may not be able to get out and about at the moment, the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain is crammed with detailed reviews and essential information for over 200 UK attractions, making it the perfect planning tool …more
  • Disability Rights UK Newsletter
    Here’s the latest e-newsletter from Disability Rights UK and, as ever, it contains lots of great stories. Disabled people’s unemployment rate double that of non-disabled people In addition to an unacceptably high …more
  • Distributing Visors to Local Businesses
    Here at Disability Partnership Calderdale we’ve been given a supply of over a hundred PPE visors by Andrew Hinton from Calder Community Cares. We’ve worked with local business organisations and direct with a range …more
  • Back To School: Guidance For Parents/carers
    This is the government’s latest guidance for parents and carers ahead of the Autumn Term in schools, colleges etc.  Contents Returning to nursery, childminders, school and college Attendance Helping make nurseries, …more
  • Disability – The Invisible Victims of Coronavirus
    The impact of Coronavirus on people with disabilities in the UK remains a topic little discussed. There are doubtless numerous reasons for this, but as the three extracts from reports below (we have links to full reports after …more
  • Calderdale Sports Centres & Libraries – Phased Re-Opening
    Calderdale Council is planning the safe, phased reopening of its sports and leisure facilities, and more of its libraries following the recent reopening of the Central Library and Archives in Halifax. Sport & Fitness Centres …more
  • Back To School: How Schools Will Maintain Education During An Outbreak?
    This is the Government’s overview of what will happen in schools in areas where there are Coronavirus outbreaks and hot-spots. It describes a sliding scale of measures that the school will be able to take to protect pupils …more
  • Government Pavement Parking Consultation
    The Government is currently running a consultation asking whether a change of existing pavement parking legislation should occur. Cars and other vehicles parking on pavements and footpaths is a national problem and one which …more
  • Local Restrictions Lifted – Which Areas Are Affected/Not Affected
    The Government has announced the lifting of local Coronavirus restrictions in certain areas of Calderdale, as from 2 September. Areas Still Affected Wards in the Halifax constituency which will still be subject to local …more
  • Restrictions To Be Lifted in Parts of Calderdale
    The Government has agreed to some changes to local restrictions in some parts of England. From Wednesday 2 September restrictions on 2 households mixing introduced last month will be lifted in: Bolton Stockport Trafford Burnley …more
  • Calderdale Back To School Q & A Video
    Calderdale Council hosted their COVID-19 LIVE Q&A, all about safely returning to school and childcare settings in September, on 27 August – the video below can be watched at any time: …more
  • Independent Coronavirus Support for vulnerable people in Calderdale
    Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us secure support for people in Calderdale who are at risk due to the Coronavirus. Advancement of Community …more
  • NHS Test and Trace: how it works
    This is the Government’s overview of the NHS Test and Trace service, including what happens if you test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or have had close contact with someone who has tested positive. It’s a little …more
  • A Guide To Video Calls With The NHS
    Many NHS doctors and consultants are now offering video consultations. They are certain to be part of the future provision of healthcare long after the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a handy guide to making a video call: …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Is Covid-19 becoming less deadly?
    According to an article on the New Scientist website, Coronavirus is becoming less dangerous. But, as yet, no-ne really knows why. Here’s the opening few paragraphs of the article, which sum up the conundrum. There’s …more
  • Important Calderdale Residents Survey – Please Help
    Calderdale Council has been working with the University of Kent during the Coronavirus pandemic and they now have an important survey that they wish to share with adult residents of Calderdale – the more answers they get, …more
  • Back To School: Online Safety Tips
    Staying safe online – Josh’s story: My name is Josh and I am going to be telling you on behalf of the young people’s Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Reference Group about the latest project that we have …more
  • Council Live Q & A: Returning to school and childcare settings
    This Thursday 27 August, Calderdale Council is hosting their next COVID-19 LIVE Q&A, all about safely returning to school and childcare settings next week. Tune in from 7pm on the councils Facebook, Twitter or YouTube …more
  • Government Advice: Schools & Coronavirus Index Of Guidance Documents
    Although this index of documents is aimed at school leaders, teachers and school staff, it’s also a useful resource if you have any questions about Coronavirus measures in education. Contents Guidance for other providers …more
  • Government Advice: Face coverings in education/schools
    This is the latest advice from the UK Government on the use of face coverings in Schools. All pupils, in all year groups, will return to education full-time from the beginning of the autumn term. This guidance is intended to …more
  • Survey: Help Calderdale Improve Test & Trace
    Calderdale Council’s Public Health team have asked us to circulate details of a survey they running. The purpose of this survey is to find out what people in Calderdale know and think about the Test & Trace service for …more
  • Hebden Bridge Town Centre Step-free Access Map
    The Spring 2020 Hebden Bridge Town Centre Step-free Access Map and Guide is now out and we have copies below to view and to download/print. This is the third edition of this map, which was first published in Spring 2018. Hebden …more
  • Disability Hate Crime Survey
    Disability Horizons, the online disability magazine is running a survey looking at disability hate crime. By ‘disability hate crime’, they mean: “Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be …more
  • Face Coverings: from medical intervention to social practice
    In this BMJ article, Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen and colleagues argue that face coverings should be considered not as medical equipment but as a social practice informed by norms and expectations. Key messages Face coverings …more
  • Access to Work – Helping Disabled People Into Work
    New help on offer from Access to Work The Government’s Access to Work scheme has been extended to offer new help for disabled people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. The extension to the scheme means that: …more
  • Get Yourself Active – Disability Activity Website
    The Get Yourself Active website is a place where disabled people are encouraged to share their experiences of getting active in a way that’s right for them. The site aims to share your story online to help raise awareness of the …more
  • Disability Rights UK Newsletter
    Disability Rights UK is one of the the UK’s leading user-led disability organisations. This is their weekly newsletter, 21 August 2020. News Round-up DR UK statement on government school grades announcement DR UK CEO Kamran …more
  • Face Coverings Exemptions: Latest Advice From Gov’t
    In settings where face coverings are required in England, there are some circumstances where people may not be able to wear a face covering. Please be mindful and respectful of such circumstances, noting that some people are less …more
  • Back To School: Advice For Parents/Carers
    Government Advice, Published August 2020: What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term Contents Returning to nursery, childminders, school and college Attendance …more
  • Hospital Discharge: guidance for patients
    This is some newly published Government guidance, for patients, on how health and care systems should support the safe and timely discharge of people who no longer need to stay in hospital. Leaflets for patients and their family …more
  • NHS Test and Trace: how it works
    An overview of the NHS Test and Trace service, published by the Government and including what happens if you test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or have had close contact with someone who has tested positive. Contents How …more
  • Typhoid Mary – An Asymptomatic Tale
    The story of Mary Mallon, AKA Typhoid Mary, has real relevance to today’s fight against Coronavirus, especially the dangers of assuming that, without symptoms, you can’t harm or infect others. We know that many of …more
  • Council Advice: Test & Trace In Calderdale
    Reducing the spread of COVID-19 in Calderdale Debs Harkins, Calderdale Council’s Director of Public Health on the process of test, trace and isolate now working in Calderdale. We now have testing available in multiple sites …more
  • Cashless Car Parking Extended in Calderdale
    Cashless, contact-free parking options have now been introduced across Calderdale, making it easier and more convenient for people to pay for parking. The option to pay for parking without cash has been in place in Halifax town …more
  • Video: Calderdale Council’s Live Covid-19 Q & A
    Calderdale Council hosted a live Q & A session earlier this week about how we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Calderdale. The session was held on Wednesday 19 Aug on the Council’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube …more
  • Halifax Bus Station – Project Update
    Disability Partnership Calderdale has been involved with the consultation process during the drawing up of plans for the new Halifax Bus Station. Below is the latest information on the project from the people running the …more
  • Community Spirit Awards 2020 – Nomination time
    These awards are open to charities, community groups and volunteers who work in or deliver services in Calderdale. The Community Foundation for Calderdale believes that local charities, community groups and volunteers are local …more
  • Report: Coronavirus & the social impacts on disabled people
    This is the latest report from the Office For National Statistics (ONS) on the social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on disabled people in Great Britain, based on indicators from the ONS’s Opinions and Lifestyle …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    BMJ’s Covid-19 Analysis, Research & Opinion
    Here are links to some of the best news, features, analysis and opinion currently available on the excellent BMJ website. They offer lots of new perspectives on the pandemic. Research from The BMJ Drug treatments for covid-19 …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Analysis: Will Local Test & Trace Work
    Last week, the government announced a major shift in its approach to covid-19 contact tracing in England, by giving local council public health teams more responsibility and shrinking the national Test and Trace scheme – in …more
  • Phone & Video Health Appointments: Top Tips for Patients
    Healthwatch have put together some tips on how to get the most out of the virtual health and care appointments (i.e. phone appointments, digital consultations/video appointments using Zoom, Facetime, Skype etc) that have become …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Characteristics of people testing positive for COVID-19 in England
    Just released by the Government is this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, which analyses the characteristics of people testing positive for COVID-19 in England, August 2020 It provides data about the characteristics of …more
  • Guide: What Is The National Institute for Health Protection?
    A brand new organisation whose primary focus is public health protection and infectious disease capability is being established by the government. From 18 August 2020 it will bring together Public Health England (PHE) and NHS …more
  • Grief and loss support service
    West Yorkshire and Harrogate NHS Health and Care Partnership are offering a grief and loss support service – here are the details: Experiencing grief and loss? We offer free help and support, however you need it 0808 196 …more
  • Lead The Way August Newsletter – Download It Now!
    Our friends at Lead the Way have just published their August newsletter – as always, it’s packed with information and advice: Download (pdf) Lead the Way provides information and advice to people with a Learning …more
  • Android App Transcribes Speech to Screen
    Live Transcribe is an app that provides free, real-time, speech-to-text transcriptions to make everyday conversations more accessible among people who are deaf and hard of hearing, using just your Android phone. Using …more
  • Disabled Parking Survey
    A common problem for many disabled motorists is not being able to park at their desired destination, especially at their local supermarket. The major complaint is that the disabled bays are all occupied with cars not displaying a …more
  • Council Press Release: Local restrictions continue for Calderdale
    This press release is from Calderdale Council and covers the latest local restrictions as of 17th Aug. Easing of wider lockdown rules tomorrow do not apply to Calderdale In response to today’s Government announcement that current …more
  • Morrisons Handing Out Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyards
    This week, Morrisons supermarkets are introducing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme into their stores. It’s an initiative designed to act as a discreet sign that somebody has a hidden disability, such as mental …more
  • Gov’t Guidance: shielding people who are clinically vulnerable to COVID-19
    Who this guidance is for? This Government guidance is for adults and children in England who are clinically extremely vulnerable. If you’re clinically extremely vulnerable you should have received a letter confirming this or have …more
  • Gov’t Advice: Face Coverings, Exemptions, Where to Wear One
    This is the Government’s current advice on Face Coverings. Click on the links below for various documents covering this topic: Documents & downloads (to print) Face coverings: when to wear one and how to make your own …more
  • Local Coronavirus Restrictions – Calderdale
    Here’s a reminder of the local restrictions currently in place across Calderdale, following the recent rise in Coronavirus cases in the area. Social contact If you live in one of the affected areas, in order to help prevent …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    “Long-Covid”: Impact of long term symptoms will be profound!
    A third of doctors have treated patients with long term covid-19 symptoms, including chronic fatigue and anosmia, a survey conducted by the BMA has found. Richard Vautrey, chair of the BMA’s GP committee for England, said it was …more
  • Macular Society’s August e-newsletter
    This is the Macular Society’s August e-newsletter. Implant means patients can go six months without injections A study looking at the effectiveness of a small, refillable eye implant has shown that 98% of patients with wet …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    BMJ Newsletter – Wide-Ranging Covid-19 Analysis
    This is the latest newsletter from the BMJ, including a wide ranging selection of articles, analysis and opinion pieces. There’s so much to get your teeth into! Behavioural fatigue: a flawed idea central to a flawed …more
  • Disability Horizons – Looking at Diversity & Inclusion
    The online disability magazine Disability Horizons has produced this series of articles looking at diversity and inclusion: Why we need more diversity at the top Diversity and inclusion are as important today – and often lacking …more
  • ‘Please give me space’: printable resources for social distancing
    Changes put in place to help maintain social distancing, like new queuing systems in shops, have made it harder for many disabled people to navigate previously familiar places. At the same time, we’ve heard about disabled or …more
  • Disability Rights UK Newsletter
    Here’s the latest e-newsletter from Disability Rights UK – as ever it’s an excellent selection of topical and useful info: High Court rules mandatory reconsideration requirement for ESA claimants unlawful The High Court has ruled …more
  • Learning disability support slashed during lockdown
    Two thirds of people with learning disabilities had their social care slashed by at least half during the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research by Mencap. The charity surveyed 1,069 people across the UK about their …more
  • Calderdale’s Test & Trace Launches Friday 14 August
    Because of our high infection rate, Calderdale has been given the opportunity to deliver a local Covid-19 contact tracing service to work hand-in-hand with the national NHS Test and Trace service. This will be launched on Friday …more
  • Message From Director of Public Health, Calderdale Council
    Message to staff in Calderdale Council, local NHS organisations and Voluntary and Community Sector Debs Harkins, Director of Public Health, Calderdale Council The first of August was four months to the day since I started working …more
  • Gov’t Advice: How You Can Reduce Transmission of COVID-19
    We all have a role to play in reducing the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). The actions below are recommended by the government and will reduce your chance of catching COVID-19 or passing it on to others. You should think …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Antibody Tests Suggests 3.4 Million Have Had Covid-19
    Findings published by Imperial College London on 13 August 2020 suggest that 6% of the population in England, around 3.4 million people, have been infected with COVID-19. Over 100,000 volunteers have taken part in the world’s …more
  • Disability Rights UK Newsletter
    Here’s the latest e-newsletter from Disability Rights UK – as ever it’s an excellent selection of topical and useful info: Government messages on exemptions to face coverings need to be stronger New research …more
  • New CREW Website – Walks & Exercises
    CREW is a voluntary organisation based in Calderdale which provides Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise classes for people with heart problems or conditions that mean they could be at risk in the future. They offer fitness …more
  • Visors For Small Retail Businesses in Calderdale
    As part of an initiative to aid inclusivity and support accessibility, Disability Partnership Calderdale is offering free visors to the small retail business sector in Calderdale who are dealing with members of the public in a …more
  • Local Councils bid for extra funds to fight COVID-19
    Calderdale is amongst seven of Yorkshire’s largest councils that are seeking further detailed discussion with Government over the best balance of national and local measures as they bear down on COVID cases in their areas. They …more
  • Re-Opening Central Library – Details
    Calderdale Council is offering access to selected services at Halifax Central Library and Archives from Tuesday 11 August 2020. All Calderdale libraries closed in March 2020 in accordance with Government requirements to help keep …more
  • NHS Test and Trace to strengthen regional contact tracing
    This is an encouraging news item from the Government and the NHS, suggesting that Test and Trace will become more effective through a more regionalised model of working. NHS Test and Trace and Public Health England will extend …more
  • Coping With Stress Zoom Workshop
    Join Healthy minds Calderdale for this stress workshop Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading...…more
  • Calderdale Council – Latest COVID-19 Response Update
    Coronavirus cases in Calderdale The 7-day rolling average rate of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 continues to rise and according to the latest data is 44.7. The blue line on the chart below shows how the rate has increased since …more
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): getting tested
    Government guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test and how to get tested. Who can be tested Anyone with symptoms can get a coronavirus test, whatever their age – Get a coronavirus test The …more
  • Gov’t Guidance: shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable
    Who this guidance is for This guidance is for adults and children in England who are clinically extremely vulnerable. If you’re clinically extremely vulnerable you should have received a letter confirming this or have been told …more
  • Calderdale Council to set up local track & trace system
    Following the increased local lockdown implemented in Calderdale from the end of July, Calderdale Council is setting up its own track & trace system. The BBC reports today, Friday 7 August, that Calderdale Council acted after …more
  • Coronavirus FAQs For Vulnerable People in Calderdale
    The following FAQs for Vulnerable People have been put together by Calderdale Council to help people understand what help is available during these difficult times. It is aimed at those who may be more vulnerable to the disease …more
  • FAQs about the Calderdale local Coronavirus restrictions
    The following FAQs have been put together by Calderdale Council and provide a good overview of the main restrictions and advice following the introduction of local restrictions at the end of July, designed to combat the increased …more
  • How To Fight COVID-19 – The Basics
    Sadly, the COVID-19 crisis is far from over, with Calderdale currently one of the areas causing concern. And so, it’s a great time to remind everyone of the basics, the things we can all do to help: Staying 2 metres apart …more
  • Staying Well Telephone Befriending Service for adults in Calderdale
    The Staying Well Hub Team are reminding everyone you that they are still available to listen to your concerns and help you make sense of what is happening. Whatever you are dealing with, they would like to hear from you. Help is …more
  • Gov’t Statistics: Lives of Clinically Extremely Vulnerable People
    The Government have published their regular statistical analysis of the lives of clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) people (the shielding population) in England during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including their …more
  • ‘Please give me space’ social distancing cards & badges
    The Government have produced the following optional badges that can be used to show that the carrier may have difficulties or concerns in maintaining social distancing. Details The optional badges on this page can be used to show …more
  • Disability Horizons Newsletter: Covid-19, Sex, Recreation & Jobs
    Disability Horizons is an online disability lifestyle publication that aims to give disabled people a voice. As well as their excellent website, they produce a weekly newsletter – here’s the latest edition: My …more
  • CREW Newsletter: Gentle Walks For Fitness
    The Pulse Bulletin is the newsletter of CREW, the local groups who promote Cardiac Rehabilitation through walking. Each newsletter introduces their hub exercise instructors and walk leaders, has healthy recipes, walks and useful …more
  • Healthy Minds: Service Update From Mental Health Charity
    Healthy Minds is the working name of Calderdale Wellbeing, a mental health charity based in Halifax, West Yorkshire – visit website here. Here’s the introduction to their latest newsletter, with a link to downloading …more
  • Face Coverings: Cross-Government Disability Unit Update
    The Stakeholder Engagement Team at the Government’s Cross-Government Disability Unit have distributed an update about how it has been able to influence around the subject of face coverings, following their listening to the …more
  • George Bates – Athlete With “Wrong Kind” of Disability
    Great Britain wheelchair basketball player George Bates says he may have to consider having his leg amputated to continue his international career. The 26-year-old has been told that his particular disability makes him ineligible …more
  • Deaf Users Unhappy as Youtube Drops Community Captions
    YouTube plans to discontinue its community captions feature, which allowed viewers to add subtitles to videos, because it was “rarely used and had problems with spam/abuse,” the company announced. It says it’s removing the …more
  • Report: The Psychological Approaches To Tackling Loneliness
    The charity Campaign to End Loneliness has released a new report which it says is the first of its kind to look at how psychological approaches can help tackle loneliness. Not surprisingly, due to lockdown, more people than ever …more
  • Disability Rights UK Newsletter
    Here’s the latest e-newsletter from Disability Rights UK – as ever it’s an excellent selection of topical and useful info: Damning Report on Government’s Record on Social Care The Public Accounts Committee has …more
  • Survey: Health & Social Care in Calderdale During COVID-19
    Healthwatch Calderdale is gathering feedback about the experiences of anyone who have had contact with, or tried to contact, health and social care services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Health and care services have had to …more
  • Calderdale Council’s Updated Coronavirus Advice
    Calderdale council have produced some specific advice following the re-introduction of some lockdown restrictions in the are on 30 July. We have reproduced the introduction below – you can read the full advice, including a …more
  • Gov’t Advice: Face covering exemptions
    In settings where face coverings are required in England, there are some circumstances, for health, age or equality reasons, where people are not expected to wear face coverings. Please be mindful and respectful of such …more
  • Gov’t Advice: How to wear a face covering
    This is the Government’s advice on how to protect yourself by properly using face coverings: A face covering should: cover your nose and mouth while allowing you to breathe comfortably fit comfortably but securely against …more
  • Gov’t Advice: When to wear a face covering
    Here’s the latest advice (1 August 2020) from the Government on where and when to wear a face covering in England, including the expansion of places where they need to be word from 8 August onwards. In England, you must …more
  • Shielding Paused in Calderdale From1st August, As Planned
    This is the latest advice from the government for people who are shielding, with specific information about the pausing of shielding on August 1st. This has been the planned end date for shielding for several weeks and the …more
  • Test & Trace – New Campaign & Future Expansion
    NHS Test and Trace has launched a new campaign to encourage everyone to get a free test as soon as they get symptoms. Background Info The new campaign comes as weekly statistics show NHS Test and Trace continues to break the …more
  • Calderdale Libraries Set To Begin Re-Opening
    Calderdale Libraries have sent out the following newsletter covering their plans to carry out a staged re-opening in the weeks to come: We have been working hard to make our libraries Covid Safe. This means that when we open we …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Science & Analysis: Superspreading
    Superspreading is integral to the Coronavirus pandemic, says Quentin Leclerc at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in an article on the New Scientist website. In one well-studied example, at a choir practice with …more
  • Gov’t Advice: Calderdale’s New Lockdown Restrictions
    Calderdale is one of a number of areas in the North of England which have been given additional lockdown restrictions following an increase in the spread of coronavirus. These restrictions come into force on Friday 31 July 2020. …more
  • Top tips for celebrating Eid safely
    With Eid Al Adha around the corner, check out The Muslim Council of Britain top tips for celebrating Eid safely, according to public health advice in England. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading...…more
  • Arts and Crafts for Wellbeing Zoom sessions from Healthy Minds
    Healthy Minds are providing online Arts and Crafts session via Zoom. No experience is necessary, just the willingness to have a go! Join them in a friendly, supportive environment. Sessions are as follows: – Mon 3rd Aug – …more
  • Excess weight can increase risks from COVID-19
    Being obese or excessively overweight increases the risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19, a new Public Health England (PHE) report confirms. The report summarises findings from evidence published during the pandemic on …more
  • Wheels To Heal – Charity Sending Mobility Aids Abroad
    Wheels to Heal (Give the gift of mobility) is a charity that collects unwanted disability aids from individuals, care homes, nursing homes etc and sends them to less wealthy countries around the World. As you can imagine there …more
  • Latest Scam Updates – Identify & Avoid
    West Yorkshire Trading Standards weekly update on COVID-19 related scams. Holiday scams set to increase as UK lockdown is eased. Holidaymakers be warned: Several holiday scams are being advertised on social media. Criminals will …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Science & Analysis: BMJ’s weekly round up
    The BMJ is a reliable independent source of news and analysis of health issues – here’s their latest weekly round-up of the top items on their website: Covid-19: Acts of omission The UK government is becoming known …more
  • Gov’t News: 30 million to receive flu vaccine this winter
    The UK Government have announced that providers will work to vaccinate more than 30 million people during the coming winter’s flu season – millions more than received it last year. Expanded flu vaccination programme to …more
  • Disability Horizons’ FREE guide to finding an accessible home
    There are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK – one in five of the population. Yet only a staggering 7% of homes in England are accessible. This equates to four-fifths of disabled people living in unsuitable homes. …more
  • Disability Rights UK’s latest newsletter
    This is Disability Rights UK‘s latest newsletter –  as ever it covers a range of issues and news items. Disabled people’s led organisations challenge government record Disabled people’s led organisations from across …more
  • Gov’t Advice: Supporting children & young people with SEND as schools etc prepare for wid…
    This is the Government’s latest Guidance for settings managing children and young people with complex special educational needs and disability (SEND) during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It also has relevance for …more
  • Calderdale On Coronavirus “Watch List” & What The Council is Doing in Response
    Debs Harkins, Director of Public Health at Calderdale Council put out the following information on Thursday 23 July, 2020: This evening the government has announced that Calderdale will be on the national coronavirus watch list. …more
  • Government Guidance on When You Don’t Need To Wear a Face Covering
    When you do not need to wear a face covering In settings where face coverings are required in England, there are some circumstances, for health, age or equality reasons, where people are not expected to wear face coverings. …more
  • Face Coverings: Where Are They Not Compulsory?
    From 24 July, you will be expected to wear a face covering before entering any shop or supermarket and must keep this on until you leave. If a shop or supermarket has a café or seating area for you to eat and drink, then you can …more
  • Gov’t Advice: Face Coverings in Shops, Supermarkets, Transport Hubs Etc
    Face coverings became mandatory in shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and enclosed transport hubs on Friday24 July Face coverings must be worn in additional enclosed public spaces from 24 July in England, as the government …more
  • New Scientist: Is Coronavirus Elimination Feasible
    This article is from the excellent New Scientist website: BECOMING a covid-19-free zone sounds like the ultimate goal for any nation. Several countries around the world have come pretty close and, according to a group of …more
  • Pennine Magpie Lockdown Highlights Video
    Pennine Magpie have put a short film together with highlights of what they have been up to while in lockdown. See how they have flourished during these challenging times! …more
  • Gov’t Advice: Flexible use of direct payments during the pandemic
    Using your direct payment during the pandemic While we’re all having to cope with COVID-19, the government expects Local Authorities (LAs) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to continue to give you as much flexibility as …more
  • How to wear glasses with facemasks to prevent fogging   Wearing a facemask or face covering is becoming the new normal, but one of the minor problems of the COVID-19 pandemic is fogged-up eyewear. This happens when warm breath escapes from the top …more
  • Government Air Pollution Inquiry
    The Big Issue  Air pollution is the largest environmental risk to UK public health. A cross-party group of MPs is exploring whether the COVID-19 pandemic can act as a catalyst for change. Inquiry: Air quality Environment, Food …more
  • Join the conversation – living through COVID-19 in Park ward and surrounding areas
    Calderdale Council have been working collectively with partners and the community to address some of the key issues and concerns facing residents within Calderdale through the COVID-19 pandemic. The input and contribution by …more
  • Calderdale Disability Shopping Survey
    Disability Shopping Survey This survey is to help us, at Disability Partnership Calderdale, find out about the experiences of disabled people who have been out of their homes to go to the shops recently, during lockdown and the …more
  • Lead the Way Newsletter
    Our friends at Lead the Way provide information and advice to people with a Learning Disability, their families and carers who live in Calderdale. Here’s their latest newsletter, full of useful info and advice – Lead …more
  • Safely disposing of face coverings and personal protective equipment
    Ideally, you should wash and reuse cloth face coverings to prevent and reduce waste. Read government guidance on how to make and wear a reusable cloth face covering. Remove PPE carefully, and avoid touching the inside of your …more
  • Coronavirus Science icon
    Science & Analysis – BMJ Newsletter
    Here’s the latest newsletter from the BMJ (British Medical Journal) – it’s insightful, as usual, and offers some more scientific and analytical commentary on the Coronavirus situation and other topical medical …more
  • Latest Scam Alerts – Holidays
    This is the latest West Yorkshire Trading Standards weekly update on COVID-19 related scams (13 July 2020). Holiday scams set to increase as UK lockdown is eased. Holidaymakers be warned: Several holiday scams are being …more
  • Disabled Parking – A Victim Of Social Distancing?
    This is a guest blog post written by Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK), first published on the excellent Disabled Living website, which aims to help raise awareness of parking bays for disabled people during Covid-19. Disabled Living …more
  • Face Coverings To Become Compulsory in Shops
    Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England is set to become mandatory in England from 24 July. Those who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100. The move will bring England into line …more
  • We are undefeatable – getting active! We Are Undefeatable is a campaign supporting people with health conditions to be active through the ups and downs, celebrating every little victory. Their website is full of great ideas on how to get …more
  • Science & Analysis: Outdoor Transmission of Covid-19
    This is the key findings of a report for the Government assessing risk of transmission through outdoor air, water, outdoor surfaces, and food. Read full report Key conclusions ● The highest risk of outdoor transmission is through …more
  • Local Infrastructure Projects: Info & Consultations
    These are two big infrastructure projects that are running at the moment that people can become involved in – The redevelopment of Brighouse has a feedback form in the link and it closes on Monday 20th July: The …more
  • Government Advice: Staying alert and safe (social distancing)
    This is the Government’s latest advice on staying safe and social distancing, as updated on 9 July 2020. It’s an important guide that we should all be familiar with. It includes specific advice for the clinically …more
  • Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: latest on what you can and can’t do
    This is the Government’s guidance on what you can and can’t do, updated with changes that come into play on 11 July 2020. This document, though lengthy, does give an excellent overview of how you can live your life at …more