What is In Touch?

A video call on a small laptop computer

Coronavirus has left many people isolated, lonely and out of touch with family and friends. In Touch  puts people back in contact with their families and friends, using video calling. In Touch is aimed at disabled people and their families and friends across Calderdale.

  • What is a video call? For many people, video calls made from smart phones and computers have become an everyday occurrence during the pandemic. Using the internet, video calls are like phone calls, except the participants can see each other on the screens of their phones or computers.
  • Why would I enjoy a video call? Unlike a phone call, you can actually see the person you are talking to and most people find the experience much closer to actually being with that person, because you can see smiles and other body language. This makes the communication much more complete and enjoyable.

How Can I get Involved?

We are aiming to help a variety of people. To start with, we are looking for people in Calderdale who would benefit from a video call with a friend, family member or small video social group set up by us:


If you are disabled and live in Calderdale and want to have a video-call, but don’t have the equipment, we can help you.

We can lend you a computer so you can speak to a friend or family member who is already familiar with video calling.

We can lend you a computer so you can join a video social group run by us.

WHAT WE WILL DO: We bring a computer to you and connect you with your friend or to a social group on a video call. We will make the connection (a bit like dialling to make a phone call), hand over the computer for you to enjoy the meet-up, then collect it afterwards, when you’ve finished.


If you have a friend or family member in Calderdale but you can’t contact them by video because they don’t have a smart phone or computer, we can also help you.

We can lend your friend a computer so you can speak to them on a video call.

WHAT WE WILL DO: We take a computer to your friend. We will make the video connection to you, then hand over the computer for your friend to enjoy the meet-up with you. We will then collect the computer when you have finished.


Sign-Up For “In Touch”

If you’re interested and want our help to get In Touch with a friend or family member, please fill in this short questionnaire. We will then contact you by phone to explain how it works.

For our members who are not on the internet, we will be posting out details of how to get involved. Sign up for our print newsletter if you’d prefer to get involved this way. You can also sign-up a friend (but please ask their permission first).

In Touch FAQs

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Nothing, we have secured funding to support this project

Q: Do I have to be disabled to take part?

A: This project is aimed at supporting people with disabilities – however, you can still take part if you have a friend with disabilities who you’d like to make a video call with.

Q: What about Coronavirus, how will I stay safe?

A: We will only deliver tablet computers to the door of your home. We will wear masks. We won’t enter your home and all our equipment will be disinfected between users.

Q: What about my privacy? Isn’t the internet a threat to my security?

A: We will only connect you to people you already know. We will explain the whole process to you in detail before your video call. Your personal details will not be shared and we will store them securely in accordance with data protection (GDPR) regulations.

Q: Do I have to live in Calderdale to benefit?

A: We will only be able to deliver computers within Calderdale, so either you or the person you want to contact must live in Calderdale. The person in need of a computer must live in Calderdale. We’re happy to connect you to someone outside Calderdale if they are already making video calls.