Government’s “back to work boost for disability benefit claimants”

The government are pushing a new initiative which they describe as a “back to work boost for disability benefit claimants”. This is what they had to say about the initiative in their Touchbase newsletter, which is published by the Department for Work and Pensions:

“Following a successful trial in Leeds which has helped hundreds of people move towards work, Employment and Health Discussions will now be expanded to 12 additional sites across England and Wales as part of the next generation of welfare reforms being introduced by DWP.  

Under the new initiative, the claimants and health practitioners develop a ‘work ability plan’ over a one-hour conversation, identifying barriers to employment and actions and support to overcome them. The plan is then shared with their work coach to continue support to overcome their barriers and move them towards work. 

It means health claimants can highlight and begin to overcome any work barriers prior to undergoing a Work Capability Assessment, potentially realising a job outcome sooner.  

The 12 new sites are: Aberdare, Bradford, Chelmsford, Doncaster, Durham, Hull, Lancaster, Newcastle, Norwich, Sunderland, Wigan and York. “

You can read their full press release here