World Mental Health Day: 10 October

The mental health charity, mind, are leading the UK’s response to World Mental Health Day, which is on 10th October. Here’s what they have to say about the day, with a suggested action to mark the day, plus links etc to their own support services for people with mental health issues:

“Every year we see awareness of mental health grow. But so many of us aren’t getting the right support. We’re still facing stigma and discrimination. And the cost of living crisis is only making it harder to look after our mental health.

Awareness is just the start. It’s time to act.

This World Mental Health Day, we’re encouraging everyone to take action. That could be signing our petition. It could be fundraising for Mind. Or it could be taking the first step to support your own or someone else’s mental health.

Big or small, whatever you do you’ll be joining the fight for mental health. Your actions can power real change.

Download our materials and share them in your spaces and on your social media to inspire others to take action for mental health.

With your help we can help more people get the support they need. And fight for a better and fairer system.
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Unsafe and unheard. That’s the reality for many of us staying in mental health hospitals. Buildings are crumbling. Wards are often bare, cold, and rundown. And people’s voices are being ignored. We all deserve better than this. Since we launched our Raise the Standard campaign in June, the UK government has launched an investigation into mental health hospitals. But they need to go further. That’s why we’re sharing a petition calling on the government to reform the 40-year-old Mental Health Act to give people more say in their treatment and strengthen their rights while in hospital.

Help us Raise the Standard of mental health hospitals – Sign the petition

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