Calderdale Older Persons’ Activity Survey Results

In June and July 2023, our sister organisation, Calderdale Forum 50 Plus, ran a short survey of older people to find out more about their activity levels and access to health & fitness.

The survey was promoted through the Forum website and newsletters and 153 responses were obtained in a two-month period. Most questions allowed multiple responses (indicated in bar chart form in the graphs below).

You can also download the PDF here: Survey Results

Types of activity & exercise

We asked which activities and exercise people participated in regularly.  Walking was the overwhelming favourite chosen by 111 people followed by exercise such as keep fit, yoga, pilates etc. with another 56 people.

Frequency of activities or exercise undertaken

Participants were then asked how often they take part in exercise for leisure, work or to stay active and the majority (56%) chose weekly.  Around one fifth could be classified as inactive.

Ways people choose to exercise

Multiple response indicates people who do exercise regularly choose to do so in several different ways. Exercising alone at a time of their own choosing was the most popular response, followed by attending organised classes.  Exercising with a family member or friend was also a popular choice. A small number (15) stated that they are mostly inactive.  Other responses included dog-walking, looking after my horse and dry-stone walling.

Finding out what is going on locally

Asked how over-50s find out what health & wellbeing classes, groups and clubs are available locally, resulted in a broad spread of responses with word of mouth being the overwhelming favourite. Local flyers and the Calderdale Forum 50 Plus website were also popular responses.  Other responses included Google, social media, leisure centre websites, library and VAC website.

What else would be popular

Respondents were asked what they would like to do more of.  Answers included Swimming, walking, pilates for older people, to exercise with small groups of older people locally, safer places to cycle, short mat bowls, indoor tennis and badminton. One respondent said there is not much badminton available in Calderdale.

Barriers to being active

When asked about the barriers to being more active, participants were divided on this with almost equal numbers saying there are no barriers and those saying a lack of activities within easy reach is a barrier.  People to exercise with, transport and fitness and health were also sited by a good number of those surveyed.

Other comments included the closure of North Bridge, time, laziness, carer so no time (2), amputee, mobility problems, cost (2), class times as working, age, swim pool closure.

Age of participants