Happy Days Launch Social Supermarket

On Wednesday the 23rd of August, Happy Days launched Halifax’s first Social Supermarket, relacing their foodbank. This is what they say about the change:

“This move from a foodbank will promote choice, dignity and empower people by creating a shopping and saving experience. Over the coming weeks the 300 individuals and families using the Happy Days food bank will be offered the opportunity to become Customers at the Social Supermarket. Members will pay £6 a week to shop for 15 items and have the opportunity for £1 per week to go into a personal credit union savings account. Once a month they will also be able to choose 4 personal care products for an additional £2.

We want to empower people and show them that they can save money by adding £10 to their account when they open it and a further £25 after 6 months of saving. To be eligible for the Social Supermarket each person must have a one-to-one support session where a trained Support Worker will assess eligibility. This is designed to get to the root cause of why the person is suffering food poverty and empower then through support and professional referrals to give them choices to move forward to independence.  The benefits of this new scheme will encourage and support people to live independent lives with choice.

This is a big change as the Food Bank will no longer operate as it has for the last 10 years. Happy Days hope that this new model will promote choice, dignity and empower people by creating a shopping and saving experience.”

Food parcels provision

Crisis food parcels will be available on a strict Referral basis from a professional who can advocate for someone in crisis. The person will be offered a basic crisis parcel weekly until their next pay day and then they will move to the Supermarket model. Or alternatively they can self refer and be assessed for eligibility at Happy Days.

Free food provisions

Happy Days provide free light food and drinks every day Monday to Saturday at The Gathering Place and a 2 course hot meal on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 12:30-1:30pm.

Further information

If you want to know more, please contact Happy Days, either in person or over telephone and web.

t: 01422 381316

w: www.happydaysuk.org

Head office: Greycourt House, 160 King Cross Road, Halifax, HX1 3LN