Spotting & Reporting Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders target older and more vulnerable people with offers of services and products that are bogus, over-priced or both.

Key indications that you could be dealing with a Rogue Trader

  • They turn up at the door unannounced
  • Offering a bogus reason to be at the property on the doorstep
  • They do not provide genuine ID.
  • They have little or no paperwork.
  • They often like to use high pressure sales tactics or intimidation.

Report concerns about a Trader to West Yorkshire Trading Standards by contacting

Citizens Advice Service on 0808 223 1133.

If a vulnerable person you know appears to be a repeat victim, targeted via telephone, mail or doorstep from traders offering too good to be true offers and discounts please
get in touch with them. Our Scams team can offer target hardening and preventative advice and may be able to install call blockers as well as other options to prevent individuals becoming victims of scams.

For any further information, please get in touch at