Introducing the Get Yourself Active website

Get Yourself Active is a programme run by the leading national user-led pan-disability charity Disability Rights UK. here’s what they say about it:

Since we began in 2015, we have worked tirelessly to increase Disabled people’s participation in sport and physical activity so that everyone can experience its benefits.

We want to break down barriers so that every Disabled person can find ways to get active in their local area in a way that is right for them. Disabled people have a right to get active, and we want everyone to have the chance to feel good and have fun wherever they are.

Getting active comes in so many different forms – it’s time we pushed away from the judgemental and ableist narratives around exercise and were empowered to take part in and enjoy physical activity! The Get Yourself Active website has a plethora of resources for Disabled people, DPOs, sports organisations, carers and social workers. It also has a wonderful section filled with stories of people getting active and what it means to them!  Visit the GYA website here.