Grief & Bereavement Advice

The death of someone you’re close to can be devastating. Despite being an almost universal experience, bereavement affects everyone differently, and at times it can leave you feeling very alone. With National Grief Awareness Day on 30th August, the website Independent Age has sent out a reminder of their advice and resources for those going through a loss. Here’s what they have to say about it:

  • Our guide Coping with bereavement |Independent Age looks at how you might be feeling and thinking after the death of someone close, and where you can find sources of comfort and support. The guide contains practical advice about how to look after yourself after a bereavement and the different support organisations available depending on how the person has died.
  • There’s no set time for grieving, but if you feel like you’ve been grieving intensely for a long time and it’s having a permanent impact on the rest of your life, you might benefit from some extra help. You may find our webpage Looking after your mental health | Independent Age helpful. This page is full of advice and links to organisations that can help and support you during difficult times.
  • If you’ve lost the person you lived with, you may find yourself having to adapt to living on your own as well as to life without them. You may now have responsibility for things you haven’t had to worry about before. There’s advice in our Coping with Bereavement | Independent Age guide, but you may also benefit from reading our guide Getting help at home | Independent Age. Remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself, it’s ok to ask for help. Also make sure to not take on too much on at once.