Frequently Asked Questions about dentistry in our area

A new article with Frequently Asked Questions about dentistry and dental service has recently been published by West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership, who run the NHS in our region – below are the questions – all the answers can be found here

  • Who is responsible for dental care, including orthodontics?
  • How do I find an NHS dentist for routine care?
  • I have joined a local NHS dentist waiting list. How long will I wait and how will I be contacted?
  • I have an NHS dentist but have been told it is a few months’ wait for my NHS treatment. I have been given the option of having the treatment privately and this will be quicker – why is this?
  • How would I be expected to pay for treatment?
  • I don’t have a regular dentist, but I have now developed an urgent dental issue – what should I do?
  • My regular dentist has closed or has gone fully private. I have been advised that I will have to sign up to a private dental plan to access dental care which I can’t afford, what do I do?
  • How are orthodontic referrals completed?
  • I have been assigned a new orthodontic provider, what should I do?
  • How do I comment about a dental service I’ve received?
  • How can I access translation services?
  • How does the ICB plan to improve dentistry services?
  • Have the views of patients and public been considered?
  • What progress has been made?