Gadget – Sixth Digit Helps With Phones & Other Screens

Occasionally we like to highlight products that we have seen and which impress us with their practicality.

Active Hands is an online shop that sells a wide range of products to help people with disabilities in their everyday lives.


The Sixth Digit 2 may be small, but it has a long list of uses and can make a big difference to those with reduced finger function! This wearable stylus fits over two fingers, meaning it won’t move around like other styluses and can be worn comfortably for as long as you need it. The stylus tips are made from connective material, meaning it can be used to operate touch screens on phones, tablets and more.  Perfect for typing on keyboards, pressing physical buttons on microwaves, remotes, gaming controllers, ATMs and so much more. The Sixth Digit 2 comes in three sizes. Each purchase comes with a pair of all three sizes in a cotton drawstring bag, so you can use whichever size fits most comfortably: you may need a different size for each hand. See in Active Hands Online Shop