Travel Assistance Card Feedback Wanted

Erica Ward, Transport Accessibility Coordinator for West Yorkshire Combined Authority is looking for feedback on Travel Assistance Cards.

Travel Assistance Cards have been designed to help people using public transport who have certain health conditions, are older or disabled. The cards are designed with different messages which you can use to let the bus driver know about any requirements you may have when getting on the bus.

They are about to update the cards, and this means that they can add new messages.  These are the messages that they are planning to have on the updated cards:

  • Please be patient I have a mobility impairment
  • Please be patient I have a visual impairment
  • Please scan my pass for me
  • Please be patient I am Deaf
  • Please speak slowly and face me to help me hear better
  • Please speak slowly I am hard of hearing
  • Please be patient I have difficulty speaking
  • Please be patient I have a non-visible disability
  • Please wait for me to sit down
  • Please help me find a seat


Please let Erica know if you think these messages would be useful on the travel assistance cards, and if you have any suggestions for other messages that they could include?

Can you please let her have any comments or feedback by Friday 28 July?



Kind regards