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Lewis Capaldi at Glastonbury was a moment of magic for Disabled People in Britain

Lewis Capaldi’s awe-inspiring Glasto performance was a moment of hope for the Disabled community and shows the magic that happens when we truly connect, writes DR UK’s Anna Morell in the Daily Mirror.

Shocking Report into Inaccessibility for Disabled Magistrates

The Magistrates’ Association has published a new report revealing the appalling inaccessibility of court buildings, and the everyday indignities and obstacles faced by disabled magistrates. Read our response to the report and call for action on our website.

Spotlight on… Disabled campaigners fighting for accessible tube stations

Last week, campaigners from Inclusion London, Camden Disability Action and WinVisible, amongst others, were highlighting the injustice of Kentish Town tube station opening after a year, still with no step-free access. Learn more about their inspirational campaigning from this news article and sign the petition

Webinar on Disability and Climate Change

Join Disability Rights UK on July the 19th from 10.30am to 12.30 as we host a webinar on the subject on disability and climate change, where we invite you to join the discussion and work towards ensuring Disabled people are not only prepared for a changing environment, but are full participants in all solutions and debates. Sign up using the Zoom form.

DPOs demand the Department of Health and Social Care use the social model of Disability lens within its major condition strategy

In our joint response, we have recommended more support for Disabled people to be active, investment in social care and a less punitive benefits system. Read the full response on our news page.

DR UK helps launch new briefing on Disability and climate change

Published by the NPC in collaboration with Disability Rights UK and re-engage, a charity which helps older people to feel valued and heard, the briefing reviews the evidence for the impacts of the climate, nature crises and environmental policy, upon older people and Disabled people. Read this article to learn more about the briefing and many exciting events happening as a result.

We have many more policy updates and news from the last fortnight, just head over to our News Page to keep reading.