A Guide To Attendance Allowance 

The older person’s charity, Independent Age, has come up with this excellent guide into Attendance Allowance, an important benefit which isn’t perhaps as well known as it should be:

Attendance Allowance is extra, tax-free money you can get if you’re over State Pension age and have a long-term disability or health condition. It isn’t means-tested, so it doesn’t matter what your income or savings are.

To find out more, take a look at Independent Age’s updated Attendance Allowance guide below and get your free copy. This offers tips for filling in the claim form, updated information on how much you could get, a myth buster as well as other essential information.

You can also check their updated factsheet Disability benefits: Attendance Allowance | Independent Age if you need more detailed information about how to fill in the form.

If you need help filling in the form, you can contact Independent Age’s Helpline on freephone 0800 319 6789, or via the web chat.

Get your free Attendance Allowance guide