Active Hands’ Tools To Help With Gardening

Gardening can be tricky if you find gripping tools tricky. The website Active Hands has lots of products and ideas to help people with disabilities and this month they have a special collection of gardening tools – See Gardening Tools

If you find gripping tools uncomfortable, or suffer from wrist strain and aches after gardening, Add-on Handles could be the solution you need. These new products aim to support your hand and wrist in a more natural position and therefore reduce strain and ease discomfort. Simply add them to your existing gardening tools and you’re ready to go. For use on longer tools such as brooms or rakes, you can add two handles for extra support. You can also use our arm support cuffs for additional support, or use our General Purpose gripping aid if you struggle to hold or maintain a strong grip.

Check out Active Hand’s video of Rob getting to grips with our new Add-on Handles in his garden.