Energy Saving Trust Newsletter – Tips & Hacks

One way you can save energy and money on your bills is by investing in energy efficiency. You can do that in lots of different ways, from small changes in each room to bigger projects such as installing renewable technologies.

The Energy Saving Trust’s latest newsletter looks at this and more energy stories:

You can take a tour of our virtual home to get easy tips and advice so you can start making changes today. You can also download your FREE guide to green renovation. This will give you in-depth advice to put energy efficiency at the heart of any renovation plans you might have.

More energy bills support for over 900,000 homes in Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding for Great Britain and Northern Ireland is now open to people who didn’t automatically get the government’s £400 discount that started last October. You have to apply for the discount if you meet the criteria, and our blog tells you how to do it.  

Switch (on) and save
Did you know that you could save £65 a year on your electricity bills if you replace all the bulbs in your home with LED lights? Our information on lighting looks at the different types of bulbs and solutions that could be right for you.

Live in England or Wales? You could get money off the upfront cost of a heat pump
The Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers you money off the cost and installation of three low carbon heating systems: air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps. Find out more about the scheme and the renewable heat options you have

Simple at home hacks
For quick and easy ways to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills today you can download this free guide. It’s packed with no and low-cost tips direct from Energy Saving Trust’s energy experts.