Utility Warehouse – Making Life Simple

At our latest Open Meeting, on 28 February 2023, we were joined by Kay, from Utility Warehouse. Whilst Disability Partnership Calderdale doesn’t endorse commercial products and services, we do like to highlight particularly useful aspects of some.

Utility Warehouse’s main benefit is that they can provide a range of those “must-have” services, like power (gas and electric), phone (landline, mobile and broadband) and insurance. They work to keep you on competitive rates on all services and you only pay one bill and have one point of contact. For those of us who want simpler lives and who find the process of constantly monitoring our utility providers exhausting, this has many attractions. It’s also an attractive option if you have a relative you provide care for and want to keep an eye on their utilities

Visit their website – https://uw.co.uk/uwpartners/uw-home – to find out more information.