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TV Access Project: a coalition of broadcasters pledge to make the TV industry more accessible for disabled talent
The TV Access Project (TAP) is a coalition of 10 of the UK’s biggest broadcasters and streamers who have pledged to work together to deliver real improvements in access for disabled talent across the TV industry.

Since sharing his own autism diagnosis with the world, naturalist and presenter Chris Packham has been flooded with letters and emails from other autistic people, frustrated that their friends, families and co-workers don’t understand them. In a BBC documentary titled Inside Our Autistic Minds, Chris Packham meets autistic people from across the UK and helps them create short films to reveal to what’s really going on inside their minds.

The BBC show Strictly Come Dancing is reportedly looking for a celebrity wheelchair user to partner with one of the professionals this year.

Wheelchair users have successfully competed in international versions of the show. The BBC One hit show has featured a variety of celebrities with different disabilities and impairments but as of yet, not a wheelchair user.