New Domestic Abuse Victim Support Locations

Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) is a new codeword scheme that provides a safe, discreet and confidential way for victims of domestic abuse to access immediate help from their local pharmacy or jobcentre.
What are Safe Spaces?

Ask for ANI is delivered in partnership with Safe Spaces, a safe and confidential room where victims can take some time to reflect, access information on specialist support services or call friends or family. Safe Spaces are available anywhere Ask for ANI is offered.

How to get help

Use the ANI postcode checker (linked from this page) to find your nearest participating pharmacy or jobcentre.

Go to the location, approach a member of staff and Ask for ANI (‘Please can I speak to ANI’) or ask to use a Safe Space (‘Do you have a Safe Space available?’).

You will be taken to a private space where a trained member of staff will support you and you can decide what to do next.