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Church of England calls for radical social care reform

The Archbishops of York and Canterbury have said that taxes must rise to fund a new NHS-style universal social care system. The call comes four months after the Prime Minister abandoned Boris Johnson’s plans to raise taxes to fund social care.

You can read more about the social care report on our website.

Hackney Council sued after council home caused lung disease

A tenant with an incurable lung condition he argues was caused by the mould the council allowed to grow in his flat has called for greater punishments for councils and landlords that fail to act on “inhumane” living conditions.

You can read more about Hackney Council’s council housing on our website.

Valuable 500 committed to mandatory workforce reporting

Caroline Casey, Founder of the Valuable 500, spoke on the importance of workforce reporting at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting earlier this month. The Valuable 500 has committed to reporting data on disability and has released new research on the topic.

Read about this Valuable 500 report on our website.

New fire safety regulations don’t solve the issue of PEEPs

The Government has updated the England Fire Safety Regulations, but the updates still don’t account for those unable to self-evacuate.

Read the Fire Safety Regulations story on our website.

DWP assessment firms still producing shocking levels of sub-standard reports

Contractors likely to be bidding for new five-year contracts to test eligibility for disability benefits are still producing a “shockingly high” number of sub-standard assessment reports nine years after they first won contracts to carry them out.

Read the DWP assessment story on our website.

Court of Appeal hearing in mother’s fight for a second inquest into death of Jodey Whiting

The mother of Jodey Whiting will have a Court of Appeal hearing on Tuesday, 31 January, and Wednesday, 1 February 2023, in her fight for a second inquest into her daughter’s death.

Read the full Jodey Whiting story on our website.

Government announces schedule of “cost of living payments” during 2023/2024

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has given more detail on the payment schedule for the next round of Government “cost of living support” announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Read about the cost of living payments story on our website.

Disability campaigners ask for ban on prepayment meters

The Disability Poverty Campaign group ( DPCG), of which DR UK is a leading member, has launched a campaign asking that there be a mandatory ban on the forced installation of prepayment meters in the UK’s Disabled households.

Learn more about the prepayment meter ban campaign on the DR UK website.

Census 2021 data shows increase in number of Disabled people.

The latest findings from the 2021 Census, which showed that Disabled people make up 17% of the population, are now available.

Find out more about the latest Census data on our website.

Disabled people abandoning leisure activities

Disabled people are abandoning plans for outdoor activity breaks due to the cost-of-living crisis. Their decision comes at a huge cost to their physical and mental health.

Read more on this activity loss on the Get Yourself Active website.

Spirit of 2012 report

Spirit of 2012 is an organisation which has as one of its aims the goal of changing perceptions of disability. DR UK CEO Kamran Mallick participated in its research into such perceptions.

The report is now on the website Our Impact – Spirit of 2012.

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