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5 Ways To Maintain Fitness
Maintaining fitness is important for your health and wellbeing, but can come with challenges if you’re disabled, especially during the colder months. To help you with your fitness in 2023, boccia player Georgina Moore, who has Arthrogryposis, scoliosis and torticollis, has put together 5 ways to maintain your fitness in winter if you have a disability.

5 adaptive meal plans for disabled people
January is often a time for self-improvement, so the new year is the ideal opportunity to change your eating habits. But if you have a disability, you may need a meal plan adapted to fit your needs. Here, nutrition advocate Tracy Williams, who has cerebral palsy, shares 5 adaptive food plans for disabled people and accessible ways you can cook meals.

Wellbeing Advice
As well as new content, we have a whole host of advice and ideas articles to help you feel your best in 2023. Visit our wellbeing and fitness section to read all of our articles, and check these out to get you started: 8 exercise videos for disabled people, the ultimate guide to vitamins and minerals, the top 10 exercises for disabled peoplehow to beat the winter blues if you have a disability or health condition5 ways to stay fit if you have a disability.

Mental Health support
Gour mental health is as important as your physical health, and January can be a particularly challenging time. If you’re looking for support for your mental wellbeing, try the Spokz People Wellbeing Community and Programme Founded and run by people with lived experience of disability, it’s tailored to disabled people and their families. It costs £50 for a year, but you can get a month’s trial for just £1. Use code SPTrial2023 to see how it can help you.