Advice: Power Cuts Unlikely This Winter

Northern Powergrid, who look after electricity supplies in our area, have emailed their customers reassuring them about power supplies during the winter. They have also offered advice for people who are vulnerable or who rely on electrical appliances for health reasons.

Here’s what they have said:

Power Cuts Unlikely This Winter

National Grid ESO has indicated that Emergency Power Cuts are unlikely to happen this winter, however, ongoing reports in the news have led to some customers contacting us as they are unsure or concerned what this might mean for them.We are contacting you to share information to help you understand the facts and provide advice on how to be prepared if your power supply is ever affected – whether by a routine local network issue, the impact of severe weather or a wider national energy emergency.

Regardless of the cause of a power cut, if you or someone you care for relies on electricity to power medical equipment and don’t know what would happen to it in a power cut, you should speak to your healthcare or medical equipment provider now for advice.

Below is some important advice to support you and some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand what an Emergency Power Cut is, what it means for our Priority Services customers and what happens in the energy industry to prevent them. Further information is also available at

Helping you be prepared

  • Ensure you have a backup plan in place if you – or someone you care for – has any electrically powered medical equipment. If you don’t have a plan speak to your local healthcare provider (GP/NHS) for clinical advice – or the equipment provider/manufacturer. Network operators, like Northern Powergrid, cannot do this for you.
  • Regardless of the cause of a power cut, visit our be prepared page to see important advice and know what to do before, during and after a power cut – (Remember an Emergency Power Cut can last at least three hours each time, once or twice a day).
  • Find your block letter now and note it down in a safe place in case you ever need it (it’s an alphabetical letter that indicates where you are connected to our network). You can find it at the top of your energy bill or on During a national energy emergency and planned Emergency Power Cuts, you will also be able to get it by calling 105. A special service would be activated that directs you to where you can hear your block letter or be sent it by text.
  • Visit to see further information including some additional frequently asked questions (FAQs) to those shown below to support you in making plans.
  • Save this email.

National Grid ESO has indicated that Emergency Power Cuts are unlikely to happen this winter.