Blog: Loneliness can be the greatest challenge with a disability

Writer and editor Emma Purcell, who is visually impaired and a wheelchair user, recently wrote a very personal piece on her blog, Rock for Disability, about loneliness. Despite having good friends and family, she won’t be alone in feeling that this can be one of the hardest things about being disabled. Below is an extract plus link to the full blog:

I’ve wanted to write a blog about loneliness for many years but kept feeling unsure how to approach it and how to convey my feelings. Even as I write this now, I’m still not sure how best to explain these thoughts. Being disabled comes with many physical and emotional challenges but I find loneliness to be the hardest and most complex challenge of all.

Firstly, you are probably thinking, “Emma, how can you say you’re lonely? You are supported by your parents and carers, have great co-workers at Disability Horizons and amazing friends who love you!”

Yes, I do but sadly enjoying their company isn’t always easy due to requiring assistants, distance and availability. Plus, my idea of fun and entertainment differs from those around me. There are even times I find I have more pleasure when I’m alone than when I am with other people.

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