Government Disability Travel Access Campaign

The government have launched a new campaign, “It’s everyone’s Journey”, to bring together those who want to improve public transport for disabled people and deliver real change. It has been developed by the DfT in partnership with industry, disability groups and disabled people. Here’s the introductory video:

Here’s the additional information they are sharing to support the campaign:

How everyone can make a difference

Disabled people travel up to a third less than non-disabled people. This has an impact on access to employment, healthcare, education and social activities. Barriers to public transport are not limited to reliability and the physical infrastructure but also include the attitudes and behaviours of staff and fellow passengers.If everyone using public transport takes small steps to be mindful of their fellow passengers, we can all make transport more inclusive.

“When I’m on my own I find I have to explain myself to other passengers about why I need a seat…It can be really helpful if people try to avoid the priority seat that might be so important to someone else”

For people with a hidden disability, it can be really hard to show other passengers that we need extra help when we’re travelling.

Accessible versions of these videos can be found on YouTube.