Personal Independence Payment (PIP) reviews  

This month the government has started automatically extending existing PIP claims awaiting review by up to 12 months. This will happen 35 days before the award end date.

The extension provides greater certainty for claimants and in particular help with continuing to access other support, e.g. a blue badge for parking.

From 31 October, a letter will be sent automatically to claimants confirming continuing entitlement for up to 12 months. Until then, they will update claimants by text message that their award reviews have been extended and will remain in payment.

Anyone needing written confirmation before 31 October can contact the helpline on 0800 121 4433 and they will issue a notification of entitlement. Otherwise, claimants do not need to contact them unless their circumstances change.

In line with our usual process, they may review claims before their new end date and if so, will write to claimants to inform them. PIP payments will be received as normal until we complete the review of a claim. If they have not completed the review by the extended award date, they may extend the end date of the PIP award again and will write to claimants to tell them about this.