Disability Rights UK Newsletter

DPOs write to Prime Minister

The Disability Poverty Campaign Group (DPCG) is a coalition of countrywide disability charities and relevant organisations. It was launched in January of this year and is led by DPOs, (Disabled peoples organisations) The group came together as a response to the growing upheaval in the country around food and energy price rises, noticing how Disabled people were impacted more than any other community. After another of its monthly meetings this week it has agreed its course of action over the next few months – including writing to the new Prime Minister.

All the details on the DPCG’s next steps can be found on our website.


Actions paused in Government’s Disability Strategy

In January 2022, the High Court declared that the National Disability Strategy was unlawful because the UK Disability Survey, which informed it, was not deemed to be “consultation”. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has sought permission to appeal the High Court’s decision, and the Court of Appeal’s ruling on whether permission to appeal is granted is awaited.

To comply with the High Court’s declaration pending the outcome of the appeal, the Government has paused the delivery, implementation and communication of some policies, activities, and actions that are contained in the Strategy.

Further to the written ministerial statement laid on 13 June, more information is now available. Of over 100 policies in the strategy, 14 have been paused.

The full Disability Strategy story, including the list of all 14 paused policies, can be found on our website.


DPOs seek participation in COVID Public Inquiry

The first module of the COVID Public Inquiry, which focuses on pre-pandemic planning, starts next April. 13 DPOs have applied for Core Participant Status, which if granted will give the right to take part in the Inquiry including accessing relevant documents, making opening and closing submissions and identifying questions for relevant witnesses. The 13 organisations feel strongly that the Inquiry should focus on the hugely negative impact of Coronavirus on Disabled people and learn lessons for the future.

The full COVID Public Inquiry story can be found on our website.


PM asked to fix social care

The Care and Support Alliance (CSA) has responded to research from Age UK by calling on the new Prime Minister Liz Truss to urgently provide social care for around 2.6 million people aged 50 plus.

Read the full story and Age UK report on our website.


Scottish Government announces rent freeze

In her speech outlining her government’s annual programme at Holyrood, Nicola Sturgeon announced plans to freeze rents for public and private tenants and a ban on winter evictions in a package of measures “deliberately focused” on the cost-of-living crisis.

Read the full rent freeze story on our website.


Youth Voice Census launch

This week DR UK attended the launch of Youth Employment UK’s Youth Voice Census. The full Youth Voice Census report can be found on their website.

Read the full Youth Voice Census story on our website.


DWP increases automatic extension of existing PIP awards by up to 12 months

In the midst of considerable delays in the processing of new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claims, the DWP has announced making an extension to existing PIP awards approaching their end of award date.

Read the full PIP extension story on our website.


New report shows the ‘Humanitarian crises’ of fuel poverty

The Institute of Health Equity have published a report: “Fuel Poverty, Cold Homes, and Health Inequalities.” It has predicted serious health, social and educational issues for families and individuals if the predicted forecast of 55% of UK households fall into fuel poverty by 2023 without immediate intervention.

Read the full fuel poverty story on our website.


Concerns about rail staff reduction

DR UK are increasingly concerned about rail staff reduction and redeployment plans which could according to news released by the Association of British Commuters be in breach of the Equality Act of 2010.

Read the full rail staff reduction story on our website.