Advice: How to cope with the increasing cost of energy if you are disabled?

Here are some tips to help you focus on your response to the Cost of Living crisis. These are from an excellent article on the Inclusion London website. They support over 70 Deaf and Disabled Organisations working across every London borough. Visit their website here for more detailed advice and more tips.

  1. Make sure you are receiving any benefits you’re entitled to
  2. Ask a local food bank if they issue fuel vouchers
  3. Contact your local council to ask for fuel vouchers or a grant from the Household Support Fund
  4. Ask your energy supplier for emergency credit and/or a discretionary discount
  5. If you have a pre-payment meter and your impairment means your health would be negatively affected by your heat or electricity going off, ask your energy supplier to replace the meter with a conventional type
  6. If you use an oxygen concentrator at home, claim the rebate from your supplier
  7. If you pay care charges and your disability-related expenses were not taken into account during your means test, ask for a financial reassessment