Save Water With Yorkshire Water

Water. It’s wonderful stuff. It falls from the sky, flows through rivers and miles of pipes to your tap. It’s there when you need it, so you never give it a second thought, but we all need to use it carefully to make sure there’s enough for everyone. Here are a few small changes, recommended by Yorkshire Water, that will make a big difference. read full guide here

Household Savings

Save loads on your loads
Putting a full load in the washing machine and using the eco setting, if you’ve got one, will make a big difference.

Tap into wasted water
Fixing that dripping tap could save over 5,500 litres of water a year – that’s a lot!

Feeling flush?
Fitting a Flushsaver in your toilet could save 1.2 litres with every flush.

Use less with a bowl
We know it’s tempting to throw everything in the dishwasher but using a washing up bowl saves lots of water. If you really hate the idea of rolling up your sleeves, make sure your dishwasher is full and use the eco setting if you have one.

Tea for two?
Only boiling the amount of water you need will save water and energy.

Hot tip for houseplants
Bathrooms are warm, humid environments that are great for some houseplants. Why not collect cool water from your shower before it warms up and give your indoor plants a drink?

Customer Tips

Here are a few of the water saving tips Yorkshire Water has received from its customers:

Bridget, Harrogate I reuse water from my washing up bowl and water my garden with a watering can, not a hose… Never water your garden in the midday sun, always at dusk or very early in the morning.

Carole, Sheffield I have 2 water butts and I always reuse my washing up water for my plants. I also leave a few containers around that fill naturally with the rainfall. It’s surprising how much you can get from them.

Evelyn, Leeds The hot tap always runs cold at first, so I put an empty 4 pint milk bottle under untill I get hot water, handy to save for a dry spell and easy to store.

Michelle, Rotherham I have attached a water butt to the down pipe on my garage guttering, so when it rains, I can collect the water to water my plants in the garden ❤

Alison, Rotherham When we changed our bathroom, we opted for no bath, just a shower to save on our water usage

Grace, Sheffield I use the water from my washing up bowl to water the pots by the back door!