Huge majority of the people struggling with fuel poverty are Disabled people

The headlines are full of facts and figures about how many of us are being plunged into fuel poverty as the cost of living sky rockets. But nobody is joining the dots to see exactly who these people are.

A huge majority of people struggling right now are a very specific group of people nobody is talking about: Disabled people.

Disabled people are the UK’s largest minority group. A whopping two-thirds of the people using foodbanks are Disabled people or households with a Disabled person living in them.

The upshot is, it has always been tough to make ends meet as a Disabled person. But now it is impossible.

The government needs to stop talking about the big picture until it has looked at what it costs to run a household budget – and especially a household budget for those living on the slenderest of incomes. Read DR UK’s Media and Communications Manager Anna Morell’s feature on fuel poverty here.