Local NHS Updates

NHS Calderdale CCG Ends

NHS Calderdale CCGs annual statement of involvement has now been published.  This report provides an overview of the engagement and consultation activities that have taken place over the past year from 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2022 and includes a summary of what people told us, what the outcome was and where you can find further information. This will be their last annual statement of involvement as NHS Calderdale CCG, with the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act introduces a new statutory body for our West Yorkshire Integrated Care System. You can find out more at following link Integrated Care Systems legislation :: West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership (wypartnership.co.uk)  The legal responsibilities for the commissioning of NHS services will pass from clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to the new West Yorkshire NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB). CCGs will then be dissolved under the new legislation.

CCG Replaced By NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

A new website for NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) launched on 1 July. The website will host Board and committee meeting papers, information about the ICB and its business, statutory information such as policies and the ICB’s publication scheme, and ways to get in touch.  You can visit the site, which is part of the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership website, at https://www.westyorkshire.icb.nhs.uk

Seeking patients’ views on delays to planned care caused by the pandemic. 

A report into the findings of the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership’s Planned Care Citizens’ Panel was published on 24 June, exactly one year after the panel met for the first time.  The feedback from all the panel meetings has been summarised in the report Seeking patients’ views on delays to planned care caused by the pandemic. It covers the main themes discussed at the panel meetings and includes the panel’s key recommendations.  The report is a candid look at some of the discussions, often very upsetting, with the panel over the 12-week period and is a stark reminder of how extremely difficult things were one year ago. Because the picture is very different today, the report also highlights the significant progress being made in tackling the backlog as capacity for planned care services in West Yorkshire is increased week after week.

West Yorkshire Healthier Together website launched on Monday 27 June

This is a t tool that gives consistent, accurate and trustworthy healthcare advice to parents, carers, young people and professionals.  The information on this website has been reviewed  by local pediatricians, GPs and clinicians across the region to ensure it aligns with current practices and procedures.

Care experience people unite to make a change.

They would like to hear from parents aged 17-30 living in England who have had experience of the social care system, whether they have lived in kinship care, foster care, residential care, etc.  and had experience of having a child before the age of 25 (so they were supported by social care service).  We particularly want to ensure that we include care experienced parents who are less included in research, including fathers, black and brown communities, and care leavers with disability. We will be gifting a £25 voucher for their time.

This is a co-designed research project with 5 peer researchers, all with lived experience of being a care experienced parent. They have worked extremely hard to design the research and we now have ethical approval!!  The researchers have put together a short video to explain the project further, please take a look and post to any forums you feel are relevant: Care Experienced Parents Unite to Make a Change (vimeo.com)

If you know of any care experienced parents who are interested email careexperiencedparents@barnardos.org.uk  For more details contact: Harriet Williams harrietwilliams2011@hotmail.co.uk;