Active at Home refresh!

In October 2020, the ‘Sport England Active Lives Coronavirus Report’ (Oct 2020) showed that the pandemic disproportionately impacted disabled people’s activity levels. And that we experienced a larger increase in inactivity levels.

56% of Disabled people with three or more impairments were inactive, rising by 11.2% from the previous year. During this difficult time, it became more important than ever that we support Disabled people to be active in the right way for them.

Disability Rights UK, reached out to partners and began working with Sense and Durham University to find out how Disabled people have been staying active during the coronavirus pandemic. And what resources would help people stay active at home.

They used the findings from our research to co-design accessible and inclusive pre-recorded videos using the experiences and feedback. The study is available in their resources hub.

You can find these videos on the Get Yourself Active YouTube channel.

They also understand that many of us may feel more comfortable getting active at home and decided to create some simple guides sharing some of their favourite at-home workouts that they have found to share with you so that you can stay active whilst staying in. Active at Home Guides