Video: Fire Prevention Tips & Support

Mr Dave Manning from The Fire Prevention Service gave a fascinating talk on fire safety to our 28 June 2022 Open Meeting. He covered a huge range of topics, including Safe & Well visits, where they visit those at most risk from fire and give them advice and practical support. There’s more about Safe & Well visits below the video.

Fire Safety Interactive Questionnaire

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About West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Fire Prevention Work

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service aims to ‘Make West Yorkshire Safer’ by ‘providing an excellent fire and rescue service working in partnership to reduce death, injury, economic loss and contribute to community well being’.

Awareness raising, training and education contribute to the achievement of our aim and ambition and are vital to delivering a proactive fire prevention and protection programme.

Safe and Well Visits

Not everybody will qualify for a Safe and Well visit. They assess all referrals to ensure that they are focusing our time on those who are most at risk of fire. If you are deemed as being low risk, they offer a free interactive online resource to help you conduct your own fire safety check. Once completed, you are provided with a personal advice sheet to print off or keep electronically.

To see if you are eligible for a Safe and Well visit, please complete the online request form

What happens at a Safe & Well visit?

  • Accompany you to assess fire safety in every room in your property
  • Identify and make you aware of the potential fire risks in your home
  • Make sure you know what to do in order to reduce or prevent these risks
  • Discuss with you, a bed-time routine that will help keep you safe at night
  • Help you put together an escape plan in case a fire breaks out in the future
  • Ensure you have a working smoke alarm, and ensure you know how to test and maintain it
  • Give basic advice on topics such as:
    Crime prevention
    Falls prevention
    Cold homes
    Smoking cessation
    Social isolation
  • Assess the need for free interventions to help you reduce the risk of fire in your home
  • Refer you (with your permission of course) to agencies that may offer further help to keep you safe and well.
  • Book a Safe & Well Visit

Fire Safety Interactive Questionnaire

Download Fire Safety Leaflet