Helping Disabled Ukrainian Refugees

Predictably, disabled people are suffering disproportionately in Ukraine, They have less able to access bomb shelters and evacuation routes and victims of the war include many disabled children and learning disabled people.

If you are looking to provide practical support, there is a facebook group, Ukrainian Refugee Sponsorship Calderdale, here

It has lots of useful information, in particular regarding refugees, with contacts for potential (and current) hosts and guests.

A member of that group says

“Do we have any hosts that can help wheelchair bound folk. These are spinal cord injured, generally younger (teens to 30’s) people.  “
“…I’m collecting data from the NGO spinal injuries group in Lviv at the moment. I think most people are single but are in “friend groups” so multiple placements would be good but any placements would be very welcome I have contacted a group who are offering to fly these people over to UK and hopefully other countries too. I’ll keep you updated as and when news comes in”

The group is a good place to provide support with networking and signposting to local services and resources, for disabled refugees from Ukraine or anywhere else in the world.

for background info, the European Disability Forum, EDF, has a number of reports and recommendations on Ukraine, here