Support: Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water run a number of schemes to help customers – here’s a quick guide to them:

If you have a water meter and use a lot of water because of a medical condition or there are at least three children in your home, you might be able to get help with this scheme. Successful customers will receive capped bills @ £421.42 per year for 2022/23.

Water Meter
More bedrooms than people? Depending on water usage and how many people are in your home, you could save money with a water meter. Free to install and 2-year trial period.

If you have a low household income and your annual water bill is more than £421.42, you might be able to get help with this scheme. Successful customers will receive a reduced bill @ £421.42 per year for 2022/23.

If you’re struggling to catch up on previous bills, our Resolve scheme could help you become debt-free within 12 months. You’ll pay your bill regularly at an affordable amount.

Water Direct
If you receive a deductible income-based benefit, we can take payments directly from your benefits. Less hassle, less worry!

Yorkshire Water Community Trust
if you have Yorkshire Water arrears between £50 -£2000, with at least one other priority debt (over £50), you might be able to get an award towards water arrears. (Other priority debt: Rent, Mortgage, Council Tax, Gas, Electricity or HMRC Income Tax)

Priority Services Register
If you require additional services, such as a nominee, bills in large print, braille or audio. Other support includes; meter readings, bottled water delivery, notice in writing, or by visit, if there is an incident in your area.

Access to Support Schemes applications and frequently asked questions, can be found at

Yorkshire Water customers can get in touch for free via live chat or by requesting a free call back at

Save money on your utility bills and help conserve water by requesting a free water saving pack