NEW disability awareness cards

Check out NEW disability awareness cards

For many of us who have a disability or health condition, there are often a number of things that we wish people knew – and respected – without you having to explain them.

That’s where Disability Horizons’ new disability awareness cards come in.

Whether you are visually impaired, have a neurodifference, a speech impediment or use sign language, their cards can help you to quickly convey your needs and what others can do to support you.

The cards can add instant credibility to your impairment by showing you’ve gone to the trouble of obtaining a card in advance, that you’re not just “winging it” to jump a queue or obtain “special treatment” from a service provider or company.

Plus, it provides a quick and visual cue to other members of the public such as customers in shops, passengers on public transport, peers, colleagues and/or visitors in work/school and spectators at social events (e.g concerts or sporting events).

Disability Horizons have started with a range of four cards for different situations:

But that is just the start of the collection. They want to be led by YOU – what you need and what would be helpful in your life. In fact, that’s how these disability awareness cards started.

Having seen their successful face mask exemption and social distancing cards, someone asked them for a learning disability card. to help them when out and about.

So, as well as their standard cards, they’re also offering you the choice to print whatever you would find most useful on a card. 

With their personalised disability awareness cards, you can customise your own printed message to display on your card to help communicate your needs or disability quickly. Once you’ve ordered, send them an email at quoting your order number after purchase, to let them know what you want your card to say.

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