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Together with the Centre for Ageing Better, we have launched Picture Yourself Active: a new, publicly accessible image library of over 300 photos depicting older and Disabled people getting active to challenge pervasive negative stereotypes.

The library contains positive and authentic images of older and Disabled people. Equally, these photos reinforce the important notion that not all disabilities are visible by including a range of experiences often not recognised within society.

The images show that these activities are not an exceptional event or an afterthought. We hope to create a positive shift in attitudes and an increased understanding of some of the current barriers for such groups.

Disabled people from across generations were heavily involved throughout which ensured the images were realistic and reflective of the lived experience of those the project seeks to benefit. You can access the library via the Centre for Ageing Better website.

Kamran Mallick, CEO of Disability Rights UK, said:

“Disabled people are no strangers to inaccurate depictions. We’ve been battling stereotypes and lazy representations of us that fail to recognise our basic humanity for years and years. Negative attitudes are such a pervasive barrier that prevent Disabled people from getting out and having fun wherever they are.

“Picture Yourself Active is such an exciting project. It ensures that many more representative images are available to show Disabled people getting active. We want to see organisations take on the project’s learning and advice to ensure that our lives are no longer reduced to lazy stereotypes.

“As a free and publicly available resource, we hope everyone can take on board the lessons the project provides. This library exists to challenge stereotypes and communicate a more diverse representation of what it means to be older and Disabled. We are happy to be able to see ourselves properly represented finally.”

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Listen to the Get Yourself Active team

Our Programme Manager Lydia Bone spoke with Nick Bishop from Leonard Cheshire about breaking down barriers, allowing programmes to run in co-production with those who take part.

The podcast also featured the stories of Disabled sportspeople, explaining how people can get involved in fully inclusive sports programmes. Nick Bishop also spoke with Donna Robinson, a boccia coach and wheelchair user. Scott Ballard-Ridley, a rower who is blind. And Arthur Lawson, a Leonard Cheshire youth advocate who plays boccia and powerchair football.

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Your Stories in 2022

We want to hear from you! We’d love for you to share your experiences of getting active in a way that’s right for you. Your thoughts on the latest news or what sport and physical activity mean to you.

We want to share your powerful stories online to help raise awareness of the different ways of getting active. And help other Disabled people feel confident and empowered to take the first steps to a more active life.

Take a video or a photo, send an audio file, or write it down. Share your story in your own way. We also want to hear from you if you help get Disabled people active.

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Don’t forget the Active@Home section of our website is available for anyone who would like to get active at home in a way that’s right for them.

We have a range of accessible activities on there and are still adding to it. We have recently uploaded three new exercise to music dance videos from DanceAbility, ranging from low level to high level workouts. These videos include audio description which was funded by the Together Fund.

We want this page to always work for you. If there’s a resource you’d like to see more of – or you have a video of your own you think would be of interest to others in the community, please reach out to the team.

The Together Fund from Sport England

The Get Yourself Active team is a national delivery partner for Sport England’s the Together Fund (formerly the Tackling Inequalities Fund). We are keen to continue our focus on groups under-represented in Disabled people’s sport & physical activity.

We would especially like to hear from you if you work with, or are an organisation, representing Disabled people from Black, Asian or Ethnic Minority groups, women and girls, lower socioeconomic groups, or any other under-represented group to become more active.

If your organisation wishes to apply for funding (up to £10,000 for User-Led Organisations and up to £3,000 for Small/Micro Community-based Organisations), please get in touch: tacklinginequalities or 0203 687 0771 to find out more.