How To Use: Emergency SMS Service

What if you can’t make voice calls but need the emergency services?

If you can’t make voice calls, there’s an emergency SMS service. Send a text to 999. This works on all mobiles in the UK, but not abroad.

They also need to go through the registration process with any NEW phone they get.

Here’s how to register and find out more.

Important Notes: It is the PHONE that will be registered and NOT your home address. Don’t put home in the section where you are telling the service where you are. Saying the town and a shop or landmark is very helpful.

Please only use this for real emergencies.

Text clearly with:

  • which service you need (police, fire, ambulance or coastguard)
  • briefly WHAT the emergency is
  • WHERE it is.

Don’t assume that your message has been received until you get one back.

You can also contact them using Typetalk 18000