Halifax Bus Station – Accessibility Workshop Report

This is the report (Read Full Report Here) from the most recent Accessibility Workshop, looking at the development of the new Halifax Bus Station.

The purpose of the workshop was to update accessibility groups in the Halifax area on the progress of the construction of the new bus station in the town, as well as ensuring discussions could take place on a number of key topics, including communications, a BusPad trial, and the change of facilities at the bus station site, as construction transitions from Phase 2 to Phase 3. The structure of the workshop included an update on the progress of the project, and then discussion sections focussing on the aforementioned key areas: the BusPad trial, communications, and the change in facilities on site.

This meeting note summarises both the presentation given by the project team, and the points raised by attendees in the discussions that followed. It follows the same order as the agenda of the workshop. The majority of time in the workshop was dedicated to the discussion about communications and change in facilities during Phase 3 of construction. This included public toilets being unavailable, as well as improving communications on bus services running from the bus station and temporary stops on Market Street.

Summary of actions to take following meeting
The below bullet points summarise the key suggestions to be explored and actions to take following the workshop.

• Public toilets. The project team will liaise with Calderdale Council about the public toilets on Albion Street. Topics to cover include preventing locking of toilets; opening times; maintenance improvements; and waiving charges during construction.

• BusPad trial. The project team will organise a site visit to stop 13, where the BusPad trial is taking place. This will be with representatives from Halifax Blind Society and Accessible Calderdale Disability Access Forum. The project team will also brief bus service operators about the trial, and follow up with them for their feedback.

• Calderdale Council website. The project team will contact the communications team at Calderdale Council and look into whether a link for West Yorkshire Metro and the Halifax Bus Station project pages can be added to the council’s website.

• Further engagement. Accessibility groups will provide any additional names and contact details for groups who they believe would benefit from receiving links and communications materials directly. The project team will also continue sharing information with Disability Partnership Calderdale to ensure messages about changes on site can be issued via their weekly newsletter.

• Advance information about changes on site. The project team will share information about changing routes and facilities in advance – in particular, with Halifax Blind Society and Independent Travel Trainers. As part of this, they will gauge interest in a site walkover.

• Audio description. The project team will set up a targeted discussion with relevant accessibility groups to see how improvements could be made to audio descriptions.

• Timetable information at bus stops. The project team will liaise with colleagues at the Combined Authority to understand where new timetable information needs to be displayed at bus stops and shelters outside of the town centre.

• Future workshop. The project team will organise another session like this workshop closer to the reopening of the new bus station. This will be used to discuss communications and messaging ahead of the completion of the project.

Read Full Report Here