Calderdale Covid-19 Update – Rate Falling

Taken From the Calderdale Covid Champions Update

The definition of what counts as a covid case has changed, so that now re-infections (that are at least 90 days since previous positive test) are now counted.  Around 10% of the Omicron cases are actually reinfections, so it means the case rate has gone up, and it has been applied retrospectively since January. It means that the peak of the recent wave was more like 2500 per 100,000 rather than 2200.

However despite this the case rate is still dramatically falling in Calderdale, as stands at 698 per 100,000, which is a 29% decrease on the same day the previous week.

This compares to the England average of 939 per 100,000 and we are the 264th ranked lower tier Local Authority. So although our rates were extremely high, they have fallen more rapidly than in many other areas. It will be interesting to see where the rates settle, because in previous waves the rates in Calderdale didn’t settle as low as most other areas of the country.

The rate remains highest in the 10-14 age group, but is falling across all age groups.  There are now only (only!!) 59 outbreaks in education settings, which compares with 182 previously.  And only 15 outbreaks in care settings compared with over 40 previously. No outbreaks currently in workspaces.

Hospital admissions have also fallen with 78 people currently being treated for Covid, though numbers have risen a bit in ICU, with 5 people. And unfortunately we had 5 Covid deaths in the week of 21st January which is the latest figure available. Again, this is more than in previous weeks/months.

So certainly an improving picture, but we’re certainly not out of the woods yet when it comes to illness and hospitalisation.

LFTs are now readily available again.

Face masks no longer mandatory but strongly advised in public indoor spaces.  Need to remind people to register their LFT results please!!

And finally…

· 417,633 vaccinations given in Calderdale to date

· 1125 vaccinations givenbetween 27 Jan and 1 Feb

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