Disability Horizons’ Christmas Newsletter

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It’s now December and officially time to start celebrating all things Christmas. Our writer and editor, Emma Purcell, has just shared 10 Christmas memories growing up with a disability, but we have many more Christmas stories too, including tips for coping with Christmas if you have a chronic illnesshow not to fall at Christmas if you have a disability, and Christmas through the eyes of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome. Plus, read our articles on 18 virtual Christmas tours and experiences and our Christmas gift guides.

Read the latest information on face masks and the Covid-19 vaccines

With the new Covid-19 variant Omicron in the UK and some face mask rules back in place, we’ve updated our stories on the face mask rules and exemptions and the Covid-19 vaccines so that you can stay up to date. Plus, if you’re medically exempt from wearing a face mask, take a look at our face mask exemption cards – they help you to convey your exemption quickly and easily. We also have a number of Covid essentials, such as face mask breathing inserts to make breathing in a mask easier and lip-reading face masks.

Autism and dyslexia: using art to express myself and promote disability awareness

Mark Noble is a professional artist who has dyslexia and autism, which means he is very sensitive to light and colour. Describing himself as very observant, he tries to break down boundaries and raise awareness of disabilities through his art. Mark says, “Some of my art has centered around the struggle of being ignored and misunderstood.” He believes that art is an important outlet for many people, including those with disabilities, and this has been highlighted by the pandemic. This is his story.

Buy our new disability-related Christmas cards

Last year we started selling fun and charming Christmas cards related to disability or by a disabled artist. This year, we’ve expanded the range to include humorous illustrations from Disabled People’s Voice, which offers services designed to help disabled people break down barriers and build an inclusive society. Designs include someone with a limb difference, a wheelchair user and mobility scooter user with a stack of presents and an assistance dog wearing reindeer antlers.